The Dark Knight Hallows

It doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes, one movie’s soundtrack ends up being great matched up with a different film. One of those times is now, where someone has taken the intro to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and set it to a track from The Dark Knight soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

The result is a rather fantastic intro for the movie, made infinitely more epic by an alternate universe score. Check it out for yourself above.

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  1. Lol, EVERY movie score sounds like this now. I don’t see how this video warrants acknowledgement. Check out Legolambs’ youtube channel where they put Zimmer’s score to Star Wars, Jaws, and what they figured his score would sound like for Man of Steel.




  2. If I were in one of those moods, I’d use this as an opportunity to whine about how Zimmer’s stuff — especially recently — doesn’t really adapt to the movie he’s scoring and a lot of his themes are essentially interchangeable.

    Or I’d complain about how many people are copying that approach without even knowing why it worked in the first place. Zimmer included, it seems sometimes.


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