The Top 10 Superhero Movies of All Time


It seems like every year, there are at least three or four superhero movies that are released in theaters.  It wasn’t always like this, and as a kid I often imagined what it would be like if there was, say, an X-Men movie.  Theaters are flooded with superhero movies nowadays, but unfortunately most of them suck.  The good ones, though, are really good, sometimes even great.  I realized that as much as we talk about movies (and superhero movies) here at Unreality, we’ve never actually ranked the best superhero movies.  Until now.  After the jump, check out what I think are the top 10 superhero movies of all time, presented in reverse order.

10. Blade


From the opening blood rave to the climactic showdown with Deacon Frost, Blade is packed with violence and great fight scenes.  Blade isn’t a classic, but it’s a fun movie with a very cool style and cool soundtrack.  It was a vampire movie that featured old school, bloodthirsty vamps and not a bunch of de-fanged douches.  Add the fact that back in the day Wesley Snipes was a badass mofo, and Blade is enjoyable and rewatchable enough to crack the top 10.

9. X-2: X-Men United


With the formation of the team being shown in the first X-Men movie, X-2 could focus more on the characters themselves.  Magneto, Mystique, Nightcrawler and Wolverine were all given some depth, and using good actors like Jackman and Cumming helped make even the most bizarre-looking mutants believable.  The Nightcrawler-infiltrates-the-White-House scene, Wolverine’s berserker rage, and Magneto’s escape from his plastic prison were all memorable scenes in a pretty good superhero flick.

8. Spider-Man 2


Like X-2, Spider-Man 2 was able to focus on its characters instead of taking time to explain an origin.  We all knew how Peter Parker became Spider-Man, but effectively showing his struggles with his identity and the women in his life made for a superhero movie that wasn’t all dumb-looking costumes and mindless action.  Toby Maguire is a pretty good actor, but Alfred Molina is excellent.  Molina’s Doctor Octopus gave Spider-Man 2 a complex villain (notice the use of the singular, Raimi?) the audience could care about.

7. Iron Man


Iron Man is proof that not all superhero movies have to be “dark” in order to be good.  I thought Favreau did a great job directing, especially considering how corny the source material can be, but there’s no doubt that Robert Downey, Jr. carries this movie.  Downey gives a Depp-in-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean level performance, making all of us wish we could be Tony Stark.  Simply put, Iron Man is a FUN movie, but you don’t have to turn your brain off to enjoy it.

6. Superman II


Significantly lighter than its predecessor, Superman II examines Kal-El’s role as protector of Earth and the burden of that responsibility.  I’ve seen the Richard Donner version, which is much closer to the tone in the first movie (and why shouldn’t it be – Donner directed the first movie, and I think he was filming many of the scenes from Superman II simultaneously), but the “alternate” version, despite some of its corniness, is just as good. When I was a little kid, watching Superman fight Zod, Ursa, and Non in the streets of Metropolis was one of the coolest things I’ve ever see – especially when Superman flings Zod into the giant Coca-Cola sign.  As an aside, Superman II is easily the most quotable movie on this list.  “I see you are practiced in worshiping things that fly.  Good.”

5. The Incredibles


I would have never believed that an animated family movie about superheroes could be any good before I saw The Incredibles.  The superb animation alone makes this movie worth watching, but it’s also got a pretty cool story, too – a great blend of traditional superhero lore without being too cliche or vanilla.  The voice acting is great, too, particularly Jason Lee.  The Incredibles takes advantage of the fact that it’s animated, giving us badass chase and fight scenes that would have looked ridiculous if featured in a live-action movie.

4. Batman Begins


The most remarkable thing about Batman Begins is that Christopher Nolan takes a story about a rich guy who dresses up as a bat to fight crime and makes it believable.  It’s not silly or campy, and because we know Bruce Wayne’s psychology, and because he’s so fleshed-out as a living, breathing character, we understand why he becomes Batman.  An making Batman a “ninja” was one of the coolest takes on the character that I’ve ever seen.  The story of a guy who devotes his life to fighting crime, hiding in the shadows to ambush and destroy his enemies with an arsenal of weapons, and striking fear into the hearts of criminals all over Gotham is a fantastic one when told properly.

3. Superman: The Movie


Christopher Reeve, even today, is Superman.  Reeve helped turn the already popular character into an icon, and it’s tough to think of him without also thinking of Superman.  Mario Puzo wrote the script for this movie, so it’s no surprise that it’s an epic tale.  Kal-El doesn’t become Superman until well into the movie, as the movie takes its time in constructing Clark Kent, Smallville, and Metropolis.  The result is that everything in this movie feels like Superman.  Throw in the legendary score by John Williams, an amazing performance by Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, and even some Marlon Brando, and you’ve got a movie that still holds up real well today.  I’d say this movie is nearly perfect, but I can’t put it any higher than number three due to the cop out of having Superman fly around the Earth at incredible speeds in order to turn back time.

2. The Dark Knight


You were probably expecting The Dark Knight to hold the top spot, but I’ll address that in just a minute.  I certainly think it’s a valid argument; it just comes down to a matter of taste.  The Dark Knight is what happens when the Brett Ratners of the world step aside for talented actors, writers, and directors.  Everyone and their mother has seen The Dark Knight, so there’s really no reason to go on about how great Heath Ledger was, or how Nolan made a movie that transcended the superhero genre, serving more as a movie about a city and its response to crime.  It’s a fantastic movie and thankfully has raised the bar for future superhero movies.  More importantly, it helped people take superhero movies more seriously.  Still, it’s not quite my top superhero movie of all time.  That would be…

1. Unbreakable


Please believe me when I say that I had a real hard time deciding between Unbreakable and The Dark Knight for the top spot on this list.  I think both films are remarkable in their own way, and I definitely didn’t pick Unbreakable simply to go against what seems to be the public opinion.  As great as The Dark Knight is, especially at making superheros and super villains seem “realistic,” it doesn’t offer the stunning cinematography and overwhelmingly melancholy tone that Unbreakable does.  Certain shots from Unbreakable seem as though they’ve been lifted from the pages of a comic book, and Shyamalan clearly did his research on what makes a hero.  The relationship between David Dunn (and just look at that name – Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Scott Summers…David Dunn) and his son is stronger and more interesting than any to be found in any other superhero movie.  Unbreakable is Shyamalan at his very best, and the film is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Try not to judge it retroactively and don’t let Shyamalan’s current horrible films influence your opinion – Unbreakable has a perfect buildup of tension, an amazing payoff, great characters, and a thorough understanding of both the comic book and superhero genre, making it the best superhero movie of all time.

Honorable Mentions: Batman, The Crow, Hellboy

I am absolutely positive that nobody is going to agree with my exact order, so if you’ve got gripes, let me know in the comments section.  If you think I left out some movies altogether, let me know about that, too.

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  1. Good list. Unbreakable was a great movie but the Dark Knight deserves the #1 slot here. Sometimes the popular choice can be right. I will forever judge any future superhero/comic movie against it. Will any ever be as good?

  2. Blade over Blade II? I think not. The rest of the list was fine, though. I think I would have included Watchmen somewhere, though. Not sure where, but I would.

  3. @ Josh

    Yeah. Blade 2 is a good-looking movie (thanks to Del Toro) and I love Ron Perlman, but the vampires-feeding-on-vampires story was pretty weak. I liked the badassery of the first movie much better.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. I would have added the animated version of Spawn as I thought it was a great movie (I even liked the much shittier live version).

    I have to disagree on Unbreakable as well. It wasn’t a bad movie (I actually quite enjoyed it) but I felt it was far from a masterpiece.

    It’s hard to not put The Dark Knight in the top spot. That really was a good movie.

  5. I totally agree with Unbreakable taking the top spot. IMO, DARK KNIGHT is a little overrated. I mean, it’s a great movie, but it didn’t blow my mind or anything, not like Unbreakable did when I saw it the first time.

    DK is just another Batman movie that got a lot of press because Ledger died. I like Ledger’s Joker, but Mark Hamill’s voice-acting for the cartoon is what I think of whenever I picture the Joker.

    The rest of the list seems good, though I concur with Watchmen taking a spot somewhere. Though it might have a few problems, it’s still a fantastic look at a superhero movie, something that these other movies can’t even touch.

  6. I dont like The Incredibles on this list. Blade 2 totally deserves a spot on this list and I think unbreakable is a wonderful choice but not meant for all.

    X2 should be a bit higher up the list. But im only 23 and have not given the original superman films a good watch since i was like 12. So with that said, good list!

  7. I’m on the same page…Unbreakable as the top spot??? Where are the special effects? Most great superhero movies (nearly all of the ones listed here) are followed by a sequel…I haven’t heard of Unbreakable…2!? And since I could only bare to watch the movie once, wasn’t it near the end that we found out it was actually a superhero movie?

  8. @ IcemanD

    Trust me, I went back and forth between TDK and Unbreakable. If people think TDK should be #1, I totally see that.

    Never saw the animated Spawn, but didn’t much care for the live-action version.

    @ Defmincex13

    Watch the original Superman. The pacing is fantastic.

    @ Asik

    Really? Special effects and sequels make for good superhero movies? Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider say hello…

  9. I thought Unbreakable was pretty good . . . except for the ending. Instead of flashing some text on the screen telling me how the good guy won, show me instead. I thought that was weak.

    What about the original Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson? A great movie that holds up today, and Nicholson was terrific as the Joker.

  10. @ Don Megalo

    Yeah, maybe the ending could have been polished a bit, but Unbreakable was meant to be the first of a three movies, which may help explain the sudden flashing of text.

    I gave Batman an honorable mention. It’s better than 99% of the shit that’s out there today, and maybe it should be in the Top 10. It holds up OK, but not great.

  11. I have to throw in Hellboy 2 it gets better with each viewing.It has a great villain who’s side you see and can agree with.Also The Incredible Hulk. If you look over Liv Tyler’s acting,it’s a fun film.The fight at the end was great.

  12. @ Robert

    I haven’t seen Hellboy 2 (but I gave the first one an honorable mention)…I definitely need to check it out. Just love Perlman.

    Incredible Hulk was really pretty bland I thought. It DID have good actors, and I’m glad we were spared an origin tale, but it wasn’t anything very special. In fact, I think if (and this is a big if) you take out the heinous thrid act from Ang Lee’s Hulk, you’ve got a pretty good movie.

  13. I have to almost completely disagree with this list. Dark Knight is easily number one over Shamalamading-dong’s “how can we make Samuel L. Jackson even more annoying” craptastic adventure. Secondly, why the love for The Incredibles? I firmly believe that if the same movie came out from Dreamworks instead of Pixar it wouldn’t have been nearly as popular. Why? Because it was not that funny. The whole movie was just mediocre, probably tied with Cars for the worst Pixar movie.

    Additionally, none of the Superman movies are better than Iron Man, X2, or SpiderMan 2. Don’t get me wrong, they are great in their own way but Superman is the least interesting super hero there is. “Gee, I wonder if Lex’s plan might involve Kryptonite in some way?”

  14. Brave pic for #1. I can’t agree or disagree. I did enjoy Unbreakable – for some reason it felt “different” and not a normal setup of a superhero movie (like the other 9 on your list). THAT is what makes is special. It was a sneaky superhero movie that came as a surprise, that helps push it to a high rank imo.

    Dark Knight was excellent. Dark and evil, which is good. However, I think it is still fairly new and at the top of everyone’s mind – that’s why everyone calls it #1 right now.

  15. @ uncoolaidman

    The Incredibles is bad because it wasn’t funny? Interesting take. I didn’t find it that funny, either, but I didn’t know that it was supposed to be.

    The Superman movies are terrific. And Lex’s plan actually DIDN’T involve Kryptonite…it involved setting off a nuke on a fault so as to sink California, making all his worthless desert property all of a sudden valuable beachfront property.


    Thanks for reading.

  16. @ BanditOne

    For whatever it’s worth (maybe nothing), if Unbreakable and TDK are both on TV, I’m watching Unbreakable. Seems like a pretty fair tiebreaker.

  17. I like the Unbreakable pick – if i was asked to make this list I never would have thought of it b/c I think of it as a M. Night Movie, not a superhero one. It belongs on the list though- great catch.

    TDK is my number one, then a mix of Superman 1 & 2, X2, TMNT (original live action), Spiderman 2, Dick Tracy (yup, loved it), Batman Begins, Batman, Iron Man, & Unbreakable.

    Worst? Ang Lee’s Hulk, Spawn, or Escape from LA.

    Are the Terminator moves superhero movies?

  18. @ Ryan

    TMNT live action actually was pretty good. Not top 10 good for me, but good. The sequels though….ugh.

    I definitely do not consider the Terminator movies superhero movies. If they were, they’d likely be #1 and #2.

  19. Great choice for #1, one of my favorite movies of all time, and gets better every time you watch it. Shows what a “superhero” movie can be if the director/writer isn’t trying to just get the approval of a bunch of idiot fanboys or throw crappy cgi up on the screen.

    Just saw Hellboy II – loved the first one, hated the sequel.

    I’d also like to nominate Ashik’s comment above as the most worthless comment yet, in the history of the Internet.

  20. You didn’t think the Icredibles was supposed to be funny? Check the trailer:

    That’s definitely what it was marketed as a funny family pixar movie. Maybe it is just me, I always go into a Pixar movie expecting laughs. Even Up which had a pretty sad theme to it managed to be funny.

    You were right about Superman II (I have only seen the first one). But my comment was really fueled by my general hate for Superman.

    Anyway, keep up the great work on this site. I can honestly say this is the first list on here I have disagreed with.

  21. @ Jake

    Thanks, glad to see there’s some support for my #1 choice. I guess like you said, people don’t really think of it as a superhero movie.

    @ Uncoolaidman

    What a movie is marketed as and what it is are totally different things. The Incredibles was a very good superhero movie, period. Sorry if you didn’t like it because it didn’t make you laugh.

    Thanks for reading.

  22. Well obviously, I was just trying to describe why I was disappointed. I never said I disliked the Incredibles. Saying it is the worst Pixar movie still makes it a better movie than most. I’m just saying I don’t think it deserves the number 5 spot.

    Oh, and I have to agree on Hellboy II being included. Maybe instead if Blade. You said Superman II was the most quotable film on the list. I’d like to make a motion that The Dark Knight is the most overly quoted film on the list.

  23. This is a pretty legit list Madison, although I may have gone with the first Spider-man over number 2 — I feel like number 2 meanders a bit in the middle, whereas 1 has great pacing, and his origin story is a lot of fun. Also, I don’t buy the whole tentacle arms taking over Doc Ock’s mind, I’m more willing to bite into the performance enhancers making Norman crazy and developing an alternate self-serving persona.

    Unbreakable is a fantastic film, and I agree, the cinematography is breathtaking — it’s the story of a superhero who doesn’t know he’s a superhero and that’s what makes it great. I only wish 90’s Shyamalan had gone on and made the sequels – if as he claims Unbreakable was the first act, I think the second act/film would be badass.

  24. @ John

    Spidey 1 is good, but I like the sequel much better. Instead of Peter being amazed by his new powers, he’s begun to resent them a bit.

    As for the villains, I always thought that Norman’s mask looked ridiculous. And besides, Alfred Molina is a terrific actor. Loved his Doc Ock.

  25. Blade is a pretty good martial arts/horror hybrid, but I think The Crow edges it out for having greater depth and emotional impact.

    I’d also give an honorable mention to Robocop.

    Otherwise, good list.

  26. @ Temmere

    The Crow is excellent, but it just misses. Definitely a good movie.

    And is Robocop a superhero movie? Hmmm. I guess I could go either way on that. If it was, it’d crack the top ten easily.

  27. Nice list. TDK does not crack my top three. As for Watchmen, lets just say someone would have to pay me to watch that pile fodder again. I wanted my money back. I always thought Unbreakable was WAY underrated. Definitely in my top three. The other two: Iron Man and Superman II

  28. If I remember the interview from the special version of the DVD correctly, Shyamalan said, he originally envisioned what we know as “Unbreakable” as just the “origins” story – or the beginning of the movie – but as he was writing the script, decided it was strong enough to stand on its own. And I agree. I don’t know that he ever intended to make a sequel. I could be wrong, but really, what are you going to write after that except a somewhat predictable plot line of Samuel Jackson breaking out of prison, another confrontation, etc? The ending did leave a little to be desired, but the movie was great.

    As others have mentioned, “Unbreakable” didn’t even come to mind when I started reading this list. I’m not sure why. It’s a great movie. I guess just because it’s not all flashy in a traditional superhero movie way. Until I actually watched the movie I thought it was about a guy who had unbelievably stupid luck.

    So…. good job.

  29. I think Spidey 2 and X2 should have been higher up. Spidey 2 is my favourite superhero movie; I’m not just saying that beacause I’m a huge Spidey fan.
    That’s my gripe. Otherwise the list is great. O and Hellboy 2 could have been on as well.

  30. @ DINO

    Thanks. And I totally agree on Watchmen. Man, did I hate that movie. I tried to watch it again to give it another chance and I couldn’t even make it through. What a bore.

    @ john

    I’ve always wondered if M. Night will go back to his Unbreakable saga, but I think we can agree it’s probably best if it’s just left alone.

    @ Snoowy

    I guess I need to see Hellboy 2 already.

  31. No love for Adam West?

    “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!”

    I’m joking, but if there’s ever a list for “10 Best Superhero Movies to Base a Drinking Game On” – 60’s Batman for the win!

  32. @ Bert

    I still adore the shark-on-the-leg scene. Nice call.

    I’d also add Ghost Rider to that list…take a drink every time Nic Cage overacts. You’d end up dead in 20 minutes.

  33. Great list Madison. I absolutely agree with you sitting “Unbreakable” at the top of your list. Easily my favourite superhero movie as well. One of my favourite things about it is that it’s possible to watch the entire thing and not pick up on the fact that it’s a superhero movie at all until the very end.

    I can’t find many places to complain with your other selections as they are all worthy choices. Personally, I would have placed “Mystery Men” and “X-Men 3” on the list, but I know I’m in the very very small minority there. Especially where “X-3” is concerned. I personally love the movie, and think it is super fun. I’m not a reader of X-Men comics, so don’t have anything invested in the characters or care about movie vs. comics continuity. I like how big and over the top “X-3” is. Ridiculous? Sure. Badly acted in places? (Hi Hallie) Absolutely. Full of people with super powers beating the tar out of each other. Certainly, and I think there is a place for that in superhero movies.

  34. As far as Watchmen goes…Saw it once. Thought it was a fairly decent attempt to bring that story to the screen. Probably the best that could have been done considering the source material. Sat down to watch it again. All I could think was “God. How long is this stupid movie?” Turned it off after I got to see Silk Specter II’s boobies again.

  35. @ theButterFly

    It’s funny you mention Mystery Men, because I actually gave some thought to including it. I think it’s very underappreciated, actually. Especially Hank Azaria.

    I can’t agree on X-3 at all though. I really disliked that movie. I DID read a lot of the X-Men comics when I was a kid, so that may have had something to do with it.

    Thanks for reading.

  36. unbreakable was a great movie.

    the dark knight was a good movie, but it wasn’t the second coming of jesus everybody is making it to be. I mean if you look at the plot line or the theme, it’s been done a hundred times in anime and other indie films.

    Heath Ledger was a good joker, but to me, any one can act crazy. In my opinion a truly great performance is one where an actor can portray someone else (a sane, or actual person) to the T. Now days, actors are either just being themselves in movies or act crazy.

  37. Leaving out the first Spiderman and X-Men movies is just objective insanity.
    Subjectively, I could never do without Ang Lee’s Hulk (which I actually love).
    Other than that; a great list. I am glad to see I am not the only one that fully appreciates Unbreakable.

  38. @ Ryan

    It’s either the opening scene or one of the first few, yeah.

    @ lextune

    The first Spidey and X-Men movies, to me, are a bit slow and redundant, since we all know the origins of the characters. I prefer the sequels, which have a bit more depth.

  39. I love Superhero movies, which makes me the minority for the most part in my group of friends. I find myself having to drag/bribe/offer to pay for someone to come along. Very bold to go with Unbreakable as your number one choice. I really enjoyed that movie, and liked the music a lot. I thought it kept with the pacing of the movie, and I always notice things like that.

    The Incredibles is a great film. I felt that it kinda dragged along in some parts. And how awesome was Coach as Mr. Incredible?

    I can watch Ironman on repeat all the time. Love RDJ.

  40. @ Laura

    I’m usually pretty skeptical of superhero movies, as I think that 4 out of 5 of them usually sucks. The good ones, though, are real good. Ironman is so rewatchable and proof that all superhero movies don’t have to be “dark” to be good.

    And yes, Craig T. Nelson was great as the voice of Mr. Incredible.

    Thanks for reading.

  41. I was expecting watchmen to be #1 honestly, that movie, right from the start had my attention. But it was a pleasant surprise to see Unbreakable, and I was just as happy as I would have been if watchmen was at the top (or bottom as the case may be) I LOVED unbreakable, and not only because I’m a massive fan of Bruce Willis. It just fits don’t it? Bruce Willis is unbreakable.

  42. I must say I was expecting Dark Knight at the top, but I totally forgot all about Unbreakable (despite it being right in front of me on my DVD rack). I must say I agree on the #1, but definitely a hard choice

  43. This was a pretty good list for the most part. As you said, most won’t agree with the exact order, and that’s true of me. The 80s Superman movies are classics, but I never liked the way that they made Lex Luthor so goofy. They deserve a spot on the list, but I wouldn’t put them so high.

    I didn’t realize so many people liked Unbreakable. I hated that movie from the first time I saw it in the theater. It seems like absolutely nothing happens for a large portion of the movie, and when something finally happens, it is anticlimactic. Maybe I’ll have to give it another shot after all the love it’s getting in the comments.

  44. @ MacGyver1138

    I dunno, I didn’t find Luthor goofy…I found him incredibly charming and charismatic, which I guess he’d have to be to have that kind of power/influence. But now that you mention it, I suppose…why else would he use a henchman like Otis?

    Unbreakable blew me away the first time I saw it, and I liked it more and more as its aged. Give it another shot, and pay attention to the small stuff.

    Thanks for reading.

  45. I honestly can’t say I find fault in your list. Each and every movie listed was great in its own way. And, as you said, not everyone will agree with the list and its order. I absolutely LOVED Unbreakable. That movie blew my mind, and is still one of only a few superhero movies that made you think, rather then just blew you away with insane special effects or incredible fights, not that those aren’t great as well. However, as much as I LOVED Unbreakable, The Dark Knight deserves the top spot. The Dark Knight was, like Unbreakable, a movie that trancended its genre. But, what The Dark Knight did, was it made you think, in between great fight sequences and huge explosions, and just commanded your attention from the moment you sat in the theater or pressed play on your remote. It just grabs a hold of you and never lets go. Again, I LOVED Unbreakable, and it deserves the number two spot like no other movie on this list, but The Dark Knight…it was number one.

    P.s. I also agree with including the Watchmen somewhere on this list. Oh, and maybe you can get a poll going, and work out a few lists, and then average out the results and repost the “new” list…

  46. I have not seen Unbreakable but thanks to your list I will definitely see it now.
    I disagree however to have DK so high up in this list. (It, together with LOTR is one of the most overrated movies in the last five years). IMHO it is quite unrealistic in terms of what could motivate a criminals mind and in the end joker is laughable even as he was being deadly. Bruce Wayne’s inner conflits on the other hand are very well captured.

    I would appreciate if you can carve out a separate list of the worst movies of all times: I long to see the masterpieces such as “The Phantom”, “Flash Gordon”, described with all their agony inducing moments.

  47. Great list.. I agree with a lot of them..
    Love that Unbreakable made it onto the list – don’t get that some people doesn’t think it’s a good choice just because you realize that it’s a superhero flick late in the movie…
    I would have loved to see Donnie Darko on the list though.. Or The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton.. Maybe even X-men origin: Wolverine even though the story is a bit off..

  48. Unbreakable, I saw it in the theater back when I believed Shyamalan was a great film maker. I remember walking out of the theater buying another ticket and going back in to see it again. It was not what I had been expecting. It definately deserves the top spot here. TDK sits where it should at number two.

    My only complaints with this list are the Superman movies. I hate them and I always will. The Crow, Hellboy, hell even the Punisher were a thousand times more deserving. Iron man would be my number three on here. Also, Blade two beats out the first one. It was beautiful. Guillermo Del Toro is a talented man.

  49. I have to agree unbreakable for #1 it wasnt your typical hero story, i didnt even realize it was a hero story till it was almost over which made it even better.

    Dark Knight is fantastic Heath Ledger was amazing, the story was great and the scenery was awsome. But sadly the Dark Knight is still a Batman movie and i found Christian Bale’s acting to not be nearly as good as it was in his first rendition.

    Blade 1 deserves to be there not Blade 2 id even put Blade 3 above Blade 2, ive always found the simplistic straight forward focus of Blade 1 to be what made it fantastic while Blade 2 felt way too cheesy while trying to hide that it was cheesy, where as Blade 3 knew it was cheesy and embraced it so was more acceptable.

    Everyone has alot of opinions and everyone will those who dont like superman will say superman doesnt deserve, some people say Wolvering Origins deserves to be here but anyone who knows anything about wolverine and the characters they used know how badly they butchered it which is why it isnt a great movie sorry to say if your going to make an origins movie you have to be true to the origin otherwise your just making stuff up.

  50. Yeah, alright Blade II might be a better movie ‘visually’, but story-wise it’s crap compaired to the first one… I’m a BIIIIIIIG fucking Del Toro-fan, but the story’s just completely wrong in the sequel and when I saw it the first time I was like ‘WTF’… I simply wanted a better and more original story than ‘the new-vampires-with-freak-mutant-wannabe-x-men-whatever-jaws-gonna-kill-all-vampires-if-Blade-won’t-help-them-who-gives-a-fuck-plot’ and I was bored shitless…. And however beautifully made, it just didn’t cut it… Sorry… And I know the show-down between snipes and Stephen Dorf at the end of the first one was pretty poor-done, but at least the story was original and made sense compared to the ‘Marvel-character-Blade’……………..

  51. Why:

    “I am absolutely positive that nobody is going to agree with my exact order,”

    That’s because the order is absolutely based on opinion, not fact. Everybody has their own opinion.

  52. I personally would put Burtons 2 Batman movies ahead of Batman Begins. Much as I like that film, it lacks the ‘charm’ of the Burton movies (TDK is on a par with them, though).

    Also, I would put Superman II (specifically the mostly superior, substantially altered 2006 Richard Donner Cut of the film) ahead of Superman: The Movie.

    Finally, I think Spiderman 1 deserves recognition above Spiderman 2. For me, the original is the superior movie – in part owing to Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of the Green Goblin. Though I will concede the Spiderman 2 has better action sequences.

  53. Wow I was actually kind of bored with Unbreakable.But good list TDK was a great movie. I can watch that movie a million times and not get bored with it.

  54. To me the ninja “take” on Batman in Batman Begins wasn’t a “take” at all. Since I’m into the comic book, I knew that Bruce Wayne basically was/is a freakin ninja (Just not the part where he is trained by a guy who turns out to basically be Ra’s Al Ghul

  55. @ Andrew

    I’ve read quite a few Batman comics myself, and I always got the impression that he was a detective, not a ninja. After all, he appeared in Detective Comics.

  56. The Dark Knight was terrible. Heath Ledger was good but he was just working the suit, anyone with a modicum of talent could have done it, Heath’s just been deified because of his death. The Batman “voice” that Christian Bale uses just takes me out of any scene where Batman speaks. The Perils of Pauline type bullcrap with Harvey Dent and Maggie Gyllenhal (I can’t even remember the character’s name she was so nothing) was ridiculous, and anyone who didn’t see the reappearance of Lt. Gordon after his “death” was a moron. Michael Caine phoned it in for this one and I really don’t think he wants to be in these movies anymore. I would trade Spiderman (the first one) for this movie on the list either that or Mystery Men.

  57. The original “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, and “Sin City” are great. The first ninja turtles film had a lot of hints to the comics and wasn’t as “kid friendly” as the cartoon. Also, Punisher War Zone is one of the best bad/good movies ever made. When people ask me about it, I tell them “Think of a slasher film with the killer as the protagonist.”

    Lastly, Dark Knight gets all the praise, but my favorite comic book move that year was “The Incredible Hulk”. I don’t care what anyone says. It was the most entertaining to me. Punisher: WZ in a close 2nd. Iron Man in 3rd because it was so much fun, and Dark Knight in dead last. Too long, pretentious, over-rated, over-hyped due to Ledger’s death, and Bale’s Batman voice makes me wanna stab myself in the ears. Burton’s Batman will always be my favorite, and as far as I’m concerned, Keaton IS Batman.

  58. I like my villains to have almost more depth than the the heroes. They have their reasons for doing what they do just as much as the good guys and it makes the stories more engaging.

    Just wondering if the Matrix (first one) would be considered a superhero movie, I still find that if it comes on TV I’ll watch it and it seems to have stood up well for over ten years.

    Unreakable is great, it is a superhero suspense movie which I find more interesting (kinda like Unforgiven as a western movie was)

    Watchmen should have made the list though it is almost a Neo-Noir hero movie…its dark and shows the human aspects of the heroes more than most.

    Mystery Men is another i can watch over and over, its funny but has just enough failure on the part of the protagonists to give them character and make it interesting thought its more of a SNL type of plot.

  59. Dark Knight Returns, seriously? Anybody who thinks its a better movie than Batman begins wasn’t watching properly. It has all the flaws of sequels (rehashing plot and stunt elements, over-long, inconsistency of character), and it wouldn’t deserve a place on the list if it weren’t for the inclusion of Superman II (2nd best superhero movie, its not even the 2nd best Batman movie). Unbreakable is an interesting choice, probably not my no.1 but yes it competes for that position.

  60. I liked most of the choices in the list except for Blade. I’d put X-men and Watchmen in place of Blade and the Incredibles. Superman would be my first place on the list. Followed by DK. Unbreakable good as it is, I not sure I would include it as I didn’t know what it was. I’m still not sure what it was about. Comic book obsession psychosis due to a screwed up childhood? It’s well known that Shymalyan was doing Rod Serling i.e. Planet of the Apes, Twilight Zone twist endings for most all his movies. So basically thrillers with a twist or two. Probably I would include Burton’s Batman on the list somewhere.

  61. I have a strong appreciation for Unbreakable, but I don’t know if I would place it above the Dark Knight. Something that no one ever talks about are the performances by Aaron Carter and Gary Oldman, especially near the end of the movie. They were absolutely stunning. Also, X2 should be much higher on the list. Definitely above Spider-Man 2 and Iron Man. I feel Iron Man is over-rated. Also, I think Captain America: The First Avenger probably deserves a place on this list.

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