A Fun Selection of Black Panther’s Killmonger Memes

Killmonger has made a strong impression on a lot of people out there. In part, this is because Black Panther was such a huge success, so much so that it has now outstripped the first Avengers movie at the box office. However, it should also be noted that Killmonger is a rather interesting character in his own right, being in a sense, a victim of abuse who has chosen to take up the abuser’s tools. Something that was made explicit with his statement that the sun would never set on the Wakandan Empire, which was both an in-setting and an out-of-setting nod to similar British sentiments from the Victorian era.

Given the sheer extent of the impact that he has made, it should come as no surprise to learn that Killmonger has become featured in a lot of memes, particularly since the kind of people who watch superhero movies are also often the kind of people who love creating, sharing, and checking out memes. One excellent example is the collection of memes that have sprung up because of Michael B. Jordan’s known fondness for anime, which has resulted in a lot of jokes about his character being fond of anime. Something that might actually have some basis in the MCU setting, seeing as how one of Killmonger’s costumes was more than a little bit reminiscent of the look of a character named Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Of course, Killmonger memes are far from being limited to anime jokes, as shown by a gallery of Killmonger captions.

Including a Lot of Killmonger Captions

In short, this particular collection of Killmonger memes features the character at a very memorable moment in the Black Panther movie being attached to a wide range of captions. Some of these captions are amusing, while others are less so. However, all of them serve to showcase the memes that are being generated by those who watched the Black Panther movie because of the impact that it has had on them.

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