Things I Don’t Understand: Full Zip Hoodies

iron man1

So this is a pretty fantastic line of Iron Man 3 inspired hoodies from Hot Topic, which is now less a store for emo kids (do emo kids still exist?) and just a general all purpose “weird and sometimes fun” clothing outlet full of stuff like this. There’s Iron Man, War Machine and uh, Grey Iron Man? Maybe Hulkbuster, I’m not sure.

In any case, I think these hoodies are great yet I have never understood this trend of “full zip” for the garment. Like, I get that you can do it once as a joke to show people, but it’s gotta be the least practical feature of a piece of clothing that I’ve ever seen. Or perhaps I’m just no fun.

Check out the other two designs below:

iron man2

iron man3

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  1. The third one is the War Machine 2.0 before it got the Iron Patriot paint job. On the topic of the hoodies, I could see it as fun, IF the eye parts were see-through. Like with a small transparent plastic lens. Now that way it would be actually usable, while fully zipped.

  2. Seriously, Paul? You recognize “Iron Patriot” as War Machine, but think War Machine is maybe Hulkbuster Iron Man?

    You were screwing around and low on caffeine, right?

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