The Lion’s Blaze: When Gamers are Trapped with Other Gamers

The year is 1987. This is how the story of this short animated film begins, and it’s enough to get us curious. What would be better for a gamer than being trapped in a video game? Getting out apparently. The Lion’s Blaze chronicles the experience of a few gaming friends as they try to find and fight their way out of an arcade game. But nothing is as simple as that.

It’s been 15 years already, and the group still remains to be trapped. At this point, some of the bunch doesn’t even remember what it’s like to be in the real world any more. Others don’t even really care to go back at all, so they fail to focus on the one true mission: to find the last piece of the puzzle so they can get out of The Lion’s Blaze. It’s a battle between wanting to go back to the real world and wanting to stay in the game. Who would ever want to leave fantasy? After 15 years of being trapped and being away from your real home, there’s no telling how much you’d want to go back, even if it means letting go of all the fun and adventure, the costumes and the dragons, and many other things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The Lion’s Blaze is a funny and interesting take on what it must be like to be trapped inside a completely different life. It’s a comical yet equally frightening situation to be in. The animated short gives us all a lighthearted glimpse on how it must be like to be in a situation you just want to get out of—especially after 15 years. Will they ever get out or will they have to accept their fate of being stuck in the nightmare forever? Will their virtual story ever end or will it just continue on? Dive into this alternate reality and find out.

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