Gerard Butler Reclaims Sparta

Celebrity autograph signings are probably the most annoying thing that stars have to endure. It’s a hundred people swarming you with pictures of yourself and felt tip pens, 95% of which are probably are going turn around and sell them online for a profit. The price of fame, I suppose.

But sometimes celebrities are good sports about the whole process, and Gerard Butler had a bit of fun at his last signing after being on Letterman, I believe. Someone handed him a replica 300 Leonidas helmet, and instead of signing it, what does he do? Puts it on and yells that oh so famous phrase.


Cut to about 2:45 in the video to see this actually a happen. Oh Gerard, you’re great. Please stop being in terrible movies.

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  1. This guy hasn’t done a good movie since 300. He’s racked up an unimpressive amount of rom-com garbage but hopefully he now stockpiled enough money that he can start expanding his scope beyond being able to bang whatever hot actress he gets paid to play pretend with.

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