Star Wars Fans Will Absolutely Love These

Have there been tons of Star Wars shoots out there that I didn’t know about?  I would imagine there might have been more.   Then again, you mostly see Cosplay pictures at events and such.   I don’t know, I guess it’s not often that you see a group of people (good looking people mind you) dress in pretty sweet Star Wars garb and act in fun situations.

Thankfully Robin Cook and her wonderful camera captured these awesome shots of these fans doing their thing, Star Wars style.  I must say the women in this shoot were pretty delicious.

Did I say that Star Wars fans will love these?  Believe me I meant it.

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  1. I respect anyone that attempts to do a Boba Fett costume because quite frankly it’s extremely hard to pull off..

    But there’s always, ALWAYS one flaw that I see…. Boba Fett is dirty… when people dress up as him they all look like they’ve just been from the dry cleaners!

    The ‘real’ Boba Fett seems to be covered in various dirt, grease and grime from all the planets he’s done jobs on.

    Seriously to all people with a Boba Fett costume.. take off the armour and literally roll around in the dirt for a bit with the blue overalls, it will look so much better!

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