A Freaky Gallery of Cartoon Characters Untooned


There’s something unnerving about seeing cartoon characters brought to life.  Seeing exaggerated and disproportionate features on the face of a cartoon is common, but when those same features are stuck on the face of a realistic depiction of that character, it’s nothing short of jarring.

We’ve featured some of these cartoon characters “untooned” on this site before, but never have they all been conveniently placed in one gallery.  You can check out your favorite cartoon characters as they’d look in real life below, but as Mac California told Tom Welles in 8mm, there are some things you can’t un-see. 

Grab your torches and pitchforks and prepared to be freaked out.

Buzz Lightyear:


Homer Simpson and Montgomery Burns:


Beavis and Butthead:


Jessica Rabbit:


Peter Griffin:


Charlie Brown:


Stewie Griffin:


Bart Simpson:




Hans Moleman:


Patrick Star:


Dungeon Master:


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  1. Thank you for the future nightmares this evening. Charlie Brown looks like Karl Pilkington from Ricky Gervais’s podcasts. Round spherical head. Crazy.

    Popeye is literally going to haunt me forever.

  2. Buzz Lightyear and Jessica Rabbit are like the only two that look best in real life 😀 lol the rest is just a complete nightmare =____=…

  3. Wouldn’t Buzz Lightyear have bigger chin? Like some sort of Jay Leno caricature, or obscure actor Robert Z’dar. Also, why is Popeye so wrinkly?

  4. I F***Ing love it! Kudos to the artist. Hopefully theres is more in the making of these fine pieces of art. yes i said it art, bc thats what it is. at home (netherlands) my parents have an art gallery, that only shows modern art. i can tell you this belongs there. if you put these on the wall in huge formats…f***ing brilljant!

    greets from a dutch fan

  5. The Buzzlightyear one is the only one that looks legitimately more realistic, the others mostly just look like a cartoon with a more realistic skin making them look creepy. Jessica Rabbit looks the same to me and Peter Griffin looks like Drew Carey but he kind of always did.

  6. patrick umm err yah im gunna have some weird nightmares tonight.. *shudders…i think that everone else isnt that scary except for patrick

  7. Jessica Rabbit still looks like a Toon, the rest, they just re-textured the Toons rather than try to make them look like they’d look as real people. The only ones that are convincingly unTooned are Popeye and Buzz Lightyear.

  8. I was kind of expecting Buzz to look like a mix of Bruce Campbell, Jay Leno, and Brendan Fraser because well…they all have a chin like Buzz’s. But I suppose you could use a photo of Bruce to do a live action/UnTooned Gaston. Also I figured that Peter would look more like John Candy.

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