Benedict Cumberbatch Charms Muppets on Sesame Street

Why do I feel like “Being on Sesame Street” is the new “Hosting SNL” for the “so-hot-right-now” actor crowd? Such is the case today with Benedict Cumberbatch who has stopped by the show in order to solve the mystery of simple mathematics.

Cumberbatch is introduced to a new nemesis, Murrayarty, and tasked with his greatest mystery of all: Are there more apples or oranges on the table. TELL ME NOW SHERLOCK OR WATSON DIES.

I love how Sesame Street does stuff like this purely for the benefit of the parents. Kids obviously have no freaking idea who Benedict Cumberbatch is, nor have they ever seen Sherlock, so it’s done purely for the grown-ups.

Also, I just realized how weird it is that someone actually named their kid Benedict. How long until a Judas or Adolf is famous?

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