Collector’s Editions are Now Equipping You for Murder


Games have been getting increasingly generous when it comes with the prizes you get with “Collector’s Editions” of games these days. You might get a Master Chief Helmet or a Batarang, but now Gamestop is straight up equipping you to kill people.

The video above shows a replica Assassin’s Creed hidden blade that will be available when AC3 comes out this fall. Yes, the blade is probably plastic, but a quick swap and you’re ready for silent murder spree. How long until someone tries to wear one of these through airport security because it’s plastic, only to find themselves in Guantanamo Bay forty eight hours later?

It’s only $40, which is a small price to pay for the ability to jump off your couch and faux-assassinate your cat. Pick one up this fall alongside the game.

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  1. @Cody

    That fix is almost as easy as swapping out the plastic blade for a metal one.


    Wow, other kids your age must have hated you so much. Did you correct them when they said, “me and ____,” rather than, “____ and I?”

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