Pokeball Bath Bombs With Little Pokemon Toys Inside For Sale in the U.S.





Remember when we posted about these Pokebal bath bombs that were only available in Japan?  Not for long.  These are the Pokeball bath bombs made and sold by Etsy shop FizzyFairyApothecary (which is currently on hiatus). They cost $5.50 apiece or you can get a whole set including a regular Pokeball, Ultra Ball, Net Ball, Great Ball

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      1. Actually the Japan Pokeball Bath Bombs are different. Japan ones are just models of the Pokeball and either are a solid blue or red. While these one actually have the colors to respond to the Pokeball that it is. I would say they are two different things Pokemon bath bombs.

      2. They are. I’ve seen these exact ones for sale in Ebay lots, in batches of 500-1000 figures for a couple of dollars. Shipped right from China.

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