Meet Your Maker: 5 Tips On How To Raid Unscathed

The core element of Meet Your Maker is going out into the wasteland and finding resources for the Chimera. There are two different ways to do this. One is by building and collecting passive income and the other is venturing out and raiding other players’ outposts. For many players, the main draw with this IP is solely raiding. Not everyone has the time or patience to build an outpost and share it. In any case, there are a few ways to go about this. Much like Elden Ring and other FromSoftware games, this title is all about trial and error. In fact, Meet Your Maker can be even more punishing than those titles.

Now, the thing about Meet Your Maker is that the custodian is a fragile being. One solid hit and he goes down. The only way around this is either by playing co-op, in which players can revive each other, or by unlocking certain perks. Starting off with this game can be a brutal affair. The custodian’s equipment is somewhat junky and limited. Which, in turn, makes raiding all the more challenging. This is obviously an artistic choice by Behaviour to both signify the post-apocalyptic setting and prevent players from plowing through different outposts.

Every outpost is a meat grinder. It’s enticing to just jump in and run straight for the Genmat and dance away. However, things are not nearly that easy. Raiding is a two-tier chore. First, players must fight their way to the Genmat, then escape without being; impaled, crushed, or torched. Every outpost offers a new adventure, no doubt. This guide will explain the different ways to successfully raid and make the experience as pain-free as possible.

Try Social Raiding

Many players seem to forget that Meet Your Maker comes with a co-op feature. Joining with another custodian enhances the fun, for sure. Thus, it also gives both players a fighting chance to get away with the Genmat. As mentioned before, players can actually revive each other. Which is a nice touch. Additionally, it is also always handy to have an extra set of eyes to spot hidden traps. Things can get a little chaotic during certain times. However, having someone else watch your back can be beneficial in a number of ways.

Ease In

As far as going in solo, one of the most important things to do is go slow. Every Meet Your Maker raider out there knows that death comes from all angles. More often than not, builders like to hide their traps high up. So, always scour your surroundings 360 degrees. Especially check the ceilings and all angles constructed within. Use the grappling hook as a quick way to dodge incoming attacks. It is also sometimes better to just trigger the traps and run away to avoid them completely. It is also a good idea to upgrade the carrying capacity for the volt launcher with the gear advisor as soon as possible. Some outposts can be near impossible to clear with just two bolts in the shaft.

Purchase Proper Gear

Talking to the gear advisor in the sanctuary can make all the difference. Depending on how the outpost is laid out, there will be a calling for different weaponry. With some outposts being flooded with just enemies, it’s best to use the crossbow to take them out in a rapid session.  Alternatively, other outposts that are laced with traps, stick with the volt launcher. This can destroy the traps while the crossbow can’t. Also, always be stocked up with grenades to help clear out congested areas. It is also recommended to upgrade the blade to help with crushing traps and enemies more effectively.

Expect The Unexpected

Once a raider finally makes it to the Genmat, just remember that the battle is only beginning. Chances are that it will be surrounded by hidden traps that will trigger the moment a player snatches up the Genmat. More than likely an impaler or bolt launcher will spawn right above your head, or next to the Genmat. So, stay on your toes and get ready to destroy any surprises that show up. Be sure to always have your weapon stocked with bolts, too. After using it, take the initiative and retrieve the bolts to stay fully armed. As before, be sure to go slow and mind your surroundings. This is extra important given that you will be on the home stretch of an outpost.

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

As dangerous as it is, exploring an outpost can be beneficial for a few reasons. Some builders are generous enough to reward raiders with a carved path toward a hidden mine rich with resources. Thusly, it is also a good way to get a “lay of the land.” There are no maps to look at in Meet Your Maker. Players must rely on their own grey matter and memorize how an outpost is structured. If nothing else, this will allow raiders to destroy patrolling goons and traps from some extra XP. Content may be a little barren right now, but it is only a matter of time before the developers provide something to give more of an incentive to look around.


When it comes to Meet Your Maker, raiding is only half the fun. Building outposts is a satisfying experience and should be tried out at least once. Just one is all a player needs, with constant upgrades and tweaking being done to infinity. On the other hand, raiding is essential for unlocking the means to build and upgrade equipment. With the increasing stock of content coming in down the line, raiding outposts will become even more elaborate. Meet Your Maker is now available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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