A Wicked Cool Borderlands PC Case Mod


Everything is cool with a little more cell-shading, and that’s certainly the case for this Borderlands-themed PC mod designed and built by CrazyLefty.

It’s part Claptrap, part ammo box, and likely does not have any legendary weapons inside if you crack it open, but who knows? The same guy also built a Dahl-themed dumpster carrying case for his keyboard which is almost as cool. Check that out below.

Side not question: Has anyone played through all the Borderlands 3 DLC yet? Which, if any, are worth picking up and deleting stuff on my Xbox hard drive to install?


[via Technabob]

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  1. I just finished Capt’n Scarlett’s Pirate Booty. It was pretty good, and from the reviews I’ve read, its the best of the bunch. I started it around level 18, then didn’t come back to it until after I’d finished the main game and started it over. Unfortunately, this meant, for some reason, that beating Capt’n Scarlett’s DLC was simply a matter of completing tasks with little challenge because I was at level 37 and 38 and the enemies never got higher than 30, so the experience points weren’t what i’d have wanted. This also meant the booty was level 30, and none of it was of use to me- a minor problem, but considering the DLC ends with a huge treasure room of underpowered weapons… at least I made a killing selling them all.

    I’m not a fan of the huge melee DLC’s, so personally I avoid those. Big Game Hunt seems like it’d be pretty good too, though its gotten a lot of bad press from folks saying its too close to the early 1900’s African Sambo stereotypes. If you can disassociate from that aspect, I imagine hunting down enormous and strange Pandoran creatures for rare items isn’t so bad.

    I loved my first playthrough but as was discussed on this very site, a second playthrough is a struggle, whether under ultimate vault hunter mode or using a new character. The Pirate’s booty DLC was a nice distraction, and I’m sure I’ll pick up Tiny Tina’s DLC in the summer.

  2. borderlands 3 ? i sense a typo here 🙂

    and the captain scarlet dlc was fun (played with 3 friends)
    and i think it is still fun if you play alone.

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