Anatomy of a Bulbasaur


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As you know, I’m never one to turn down a good Pokemon post, and I really appreciate this textbook anatomy-type drawing of a Bulbasaur I stumbled across today.

I think a bit more could have been done with it, but it’s still pretty cool to see, and I would like to see similar sketches for various other species of Pokemon. Where does Charmander’s fire come from anyway? Flint in the stomach perhaps?

Man, I really should buy a DS, since they truly never will make a Pokemon console game for unknown reasons, and I haven’t gotten my fix of Pokemon gaming in like, eight years.


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  1. Dude, I just picked up a Pokemon Crystal ROM like 3 days ago after not even being interested in the fad since I first bought my GB Pocket and Red version back in grade school. I’m thoroughly addicted – I’ve already logged 25+ hours! I suggest you try out a ROM to get your fix :]

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