Babylon’s Fall has Gone Gold for its March Release

PlatinumGames has been putting together a whole new IP called Babylon’s Fall to help usher in the next generation of gaming. This developer is best known for hyper-active action games that have become their staple in the gaming community. In this new title, players will be in the skin of a warrior known as a “Sentinal” whose source of power is garnered by a mysterious symbol embedded in their back called the Gideon Coffin. This symbol signifies loyalty toward the Domitinian Empire. Hence, the Gideon Coffin is the only thing that can help the Sentinal break into the Tower of Babylon and smite the evil that hides inside. This sounds like a bone-crushing story that gives new mythos for players to mull over for the upcoming era of gaming and there is a lot to look forward to.

For players who are hankering for an epic dungeon-crawler, then Babylon’s Fall is right up their alley. Publisher Square Enix showcased this game back in 2018, and they haven’t really shown much since. The initial preview of this game gave many people the impression that it was going to be another hack-n-slash action game, for which PlatinumGames is best known. Evidently, development took a different turn and this title is now going to be leaning more toward the sub-genre of dungeon-crawling in all its glory. Furthermore, this is going to be a live-service game complete with co-op playability. The gameplay that is going to be offered with this IP will come with layers that will be similar to PlatinumGames standards, yet with some updated factors.

Gideon Coffin’s Unite

The main appeal to Babylon’s Fall is the fact that it will be a live-service co-op experience. Up to 16 players can team up and storm the tower and share all kinds of hijinx together. Every players’ Sentinel is fully customizable from top to bottom. They can be dressed up to make them uniquely your own. How it works is that all the Sentinels rendezvous over at the hub area known as the “Sentinel Force HQ.” Each party is broken up into 4-member squads as they fight their way up the tower. Additionally, there will also be all sorts of quests to take on to help level out the monotony just mindlessly slaying monsters. The Sentinel Force HQ will actually come with a QuestBoard in which parties can vote in on what kind of mission they want to pursue. The HQ will also have Blacksmiths and shops to utilize for better gear and upgrades. This will be the backbone for every quest because not having the right loot equipped can either spell victory or disaster

Thusly, this is the place to experiment with loadouts and see what items may be warranted for the next jump into the tower. Although it’s not really confirmed right now, this hub may also allow players to trade and share things within their party. At least, ideally, this would be an element that would be welcomed. Of course, taking on quests will yield better loot for players to use for future loadouts. This is a natural course of things with any dungeon-crawler and things won’t be too different in that regard with Babylon’s Fall. From what is stipulated by the developers, the loot in this game will be plentiful which will provide almost unlimited potential with tweaking and customizing the Sentinels. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the developers will be updating this game, especially during post-launch. Everything in Babylon’s Fall will get richer and deeper for years to come. Of course, this is dependent on how the gaming community receives this game.

Tackle The Tower Of Babel

The tower generally comes with three of four floors to conquer with each playthrough. Once players reach the summit of the area, this is when they are rewarded loot. There is a large assortment of weapons to try out in Babylon’s Fall. There can be a total of four weapons equipped at any given time. One in each hand and two that are attacked to spectral tethers from the Gideon Coffin. Each appendage can hold a different weapon if a player chooses so. Providing a host of experimental combos and loadouts to help suit a gamer’s play style. The weapon attached to the Gideon Coffin is energetic or magical weapons that are limited to the “Spectral Energy Bar.” Once this bar is depleted, it will gradually refill during its cooldown period. The weapons come in the guise of; hammers, shields, swords, bows, and rods. At least, this is what will be available during launch.

There is a grading system in Babylon’s Fall which will determine the Tier of the loot based on their performance. Mixing up combat tactics, properly dodging, blocking, and landing hits will ultimately reward better loot. The visual appeal to this game is very similar to Dark Souls and its kin. This is because the developers used the “Brushwork Filter” which duplicated the rich, oily paintings of Medieval times. It gives the game a somber feeling which is echoed through its gothic undertones. Coupled with that, are vibrant and eye-popping visuals that come from the magical weapons. It is rather complementary to the flashy gameplay shown in the trailer. Which shows the Sentinels leaping, slashing, and slamming their way through the tower. It is what PlatinumGames do best and they are showing their strengths in this title.

Joining The Journey

The release date of Babylon’s Fall has been floating around for a while, without anyone really knowing when it is going to come out. Now, it has officially gone gold and it’s ready to be put out. The release date is March 3, 2022. So, it is not too far away. There were two Betas released last year with some complaints about how the game looked. The developers took note and have ironed out all the problems associated with its aesthetics. With that said, let us wait and see what this new dungeon-crawler has in store for us. Based on what was shown in the trailer, it appears to be a brutal journey ahead.

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