Aztech: Forgotten Gods has Been Delayed Until March

Aztech: Forgotten Gods takes an interesting concept and places it into the gaming community as a whole new adventure. This game basically takes a “what if” scenario and builds a new universe with it. What if the early settlers never made it to America? Instead, the Aztec empire was free to expand across the land without any foreign interference. In his alternate timeline, the Aztecs flourished well into the 21st century and have built a technologically savvy world that has gone beyond what we have now. This story looks into the life of Achtli while she tags along with her archaeologist mother, Nantsin, while they go off for a dig. During this endeavor, they managed to accidentally release an energy cell of questionable origins. This, in turn, has awoken an army of colossi that are rampaging through the land. These giants are gods of yore, which have come back to reclaim what they think is rightfully theirs.

The way that Aztech: Forgotten Gods plays is as a third-person action-adventure platformer. Achtli has had her prosthetic arm fused with ancient technology after the giants woke. With it, she can use the power of the Gods to traverse the levels and fight. With almost superhuman traits, Achtli can leap great distances and slam her fists with gargantuan power. There is a variety of moves that she can do. Complete with upgradable abilities. This new version of Aztec civilization is teeming with places to see and things to do. Exploration is encouraged, offering tons of collectibles to find and enemies to fight. Given that the mysterious Aztec culture is popular among many people throughout the world, seeing it in a futuristic setting is noteworthy for a video game title.

Trying For Tenochtitlan

The capital of the Aztech empire is Tenochtitlan, which the giants want to decimate for an unknown reason. Achtli is tasked with protecting her city at all costs. This game will offer verticality to its traversal system and combat. The main protagonists will fly up to great heights, climb across surfaces, and zip around the levels all in seamless gameplay. Her new arm is called “Lightkeeper.” It is actually a living entity that somehow possessed her Achtli’s prosthetic arm after the rise of the giants. The threat that is trying to tear down Tenochtitlan can only be seen through the eyes of Achtli through the help of Lightkeeper. The world that is built around Aztech: Forgotten Gods are known as “Cyberstones.” These items are infused with a special energy that can light up cities and even grant special powers. Which, by the way, is what Lightkeeper is made out of.

The core of the gameplay consists of Achtli flying around and smacking enemies around with her large fist. Combat is mostly in the aerial variety, and Achtli can strafe and dodge incoming attacks mid-air. She can withstand being airborne for a rather long time and this is what makes Aztech: Forgotten Gods unique among its peers. It almost feels like Dragonball Z with its mid-air melee fighting. There will be a number of bosses in this game. All of which will come in the guise of a titan or colossus, if you will. Players will need to pinpoint certain weak points of the bosses and hit them within a small window of time. This is standard fare for any action-adventure game and the developers are staying true to the roots of their upbringing with the games of yesteryear.

Crashing Colossi

The boss battles will be immense and will take some time and strategy. It is vaguely similar to the ordeals that players had to go through in Shadow of The Colossus. Of course, instead of climbing, Aztech: Forgotten Gods will focus more on flying. Speaking of which, the entire city of Tenochtitlan can be fully explored at the player’s whim. Chances are that there will be unlockable abilities for Lightkeeper to help Achtli reach new places. There will be a plethora of secrets to find which are tucked away throughout the city. This story is a very intimate tale, delving into the background of Achtili and explaining who she is. Despite the cartoony aesthetic that this game has, it does have some gravity to the characters and lore. Things are coming together pretty nicely for this game. The developers know that they have something unique being formed and they are taking time to iron out the bugs. So far, the previews for this game have been mostly positive.

There is a demo available for Aztech: Forgotten Gods. It allows players to explore a small segment of Tenochtitlan and let them get a good look at this futuristic culture. Even though there are some bugs with the move set of Achtli, it has been mentioned that playing as her is rather fun. She is smooth to play around with such as navigating the city and she is also satisfying in combat. There is even a boss that players can fight to see how everything gels together. That’s pretty much all the content the demo has to offer. This game was scheduled to be released last December, but the developers weren’t quite happy with the end product. So, they decided to delay the release of this game until March of this year. Even though game delays are becoming more commonplace today, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Games are usually better off with this move, with some exceptions, of course.

Aztechnological Adventure

Things seem to be coming together pretty well with the development of Aztech: Forgotten Gods. This is a fresh approach to the Aztec culture that hasn’t really been seen before. The developers are taking note of the bugs that were present during the demo and are wisely taking time to get rid of them. Players who have had their eye on this new adventure will only have to wait a couple more months, which will be a breeze from now. Aztech: Forgotten Gods will be available for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC on March 10th.

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