Meet Your Maker: 5 Tips On Making Bodacious Outposts

Meet Your Maker has just dropped to help usher in a new form of fort defense for the next generation. Even though the sole concept of this title is fundamentally straightforward, it’s dense with loot and things to unlock. Some players like to be “in the thick of it” and raid outposts, while others like to build and pretend to be an “Evil Mastermind” of sorts. The main appeal of this game is the fact that players can create their own labyrinths and share them with the world. Of course, obtaining resources to forge one’s vision takes a lot of grinding.

Of course, players can’t just jump in and start building when they first launch Meet Your Maker. Instead, they will need to raid other outposts about three or four times to get the required resources to purchase a burial site. These are basically pre-laid foundations that players can choose from. They cost anywhere from 700 to 1000 Synithes to unlock. Once a burial site is chosen, a player can start building their own outposts. Even though the beginning building options are pretty generous, there are still many things to left to unlock for more advanced builds.

There are several different ways to build a base in Meet Your Maker. Players are free to make a mind-bending maze, harrowing death traps, or hordes of patrolling guards throughout their outpost. They can either make it all traps, just guards, or a mixture of both. Only a certain amount of items can be placed on a map. This is placed in this game as a safeguard to help prevent builders from spamming, of course.

Have A Vision

First and foremost, try and establish what kind of builder you want to be. Do you want to be a trapper? Do you want to employ an entire army to stand guard? Do you like pitfalls and fiery deaths? There’s something for everyone in Meet Your Maker. Try and be consistent with your design. Stick with just one color, pattern, and texture throughout. Of course, spicing it up with decals always provides visual flare and distractions. This will give a player’s outpost a certain identity and will make it all the more memorable.

Be Abstract

There is no rhyme and reason with the outposts. They’re supposed to be jarring. Every burial site comes with a set path toward the Genmat. So, the main goal is to build around it and not obstruct it in any way. This will entice some players to make a straight and linear pathway, however, try and avoid that. The building blocks can be morphed into either inclined or declined plains. These are not only used for slopes but for building walls and ceilings instead. Try building corridors with these. This is a nifty way to tuck away and hide various traps in plain sight. Otherwise, the standard flat surface makes them pretty easy to spot.

Think From Two Angles

When it comes to raiding, there are two phases. One is making it to the Genmat in one piece, the other is escaping with it unscathed. All the traps in Meet Your Maker can be modded to activate after the Genmat has been stolen. So, try and split your resources in half while building your outpost. The first half is for entry and the other half is for the exit. Of course, not all traps will be able to do this by default. This is a perk that must be unlocked by talking to the Traps Advisor in the Sanctuary.

Destroy To Create

Every burial site comes with a fair amount of blocks that will be strewn about the area by default. These can actually be deleted, if need be. They’re not permanent. Therefore, this can come in handy in case a player is getting a little tight in their building capacity. Don’t be afraid to trim some of the fat out of a design. This can be a bit of a balancing act when it comes to things that look cool and being pragmatic. Of course, players can purchase a burial site that can have up to 4,000 capacity. This can take a little time to get, but it will be worth it for a player that has a grandiose idea for their outpost.


There seems that there’s an underlining rule that every outpost needs to be a “dungeon” of sorts. That’s not necessarily the case. Meet Your Maker is pretty loose with its rules on how to build an outpost. Players can have an outpost be a totally open obstacle course if they want. It is also possible to make just an arena full of enemies to fight. Players can build high and they can build low. The whole point of the building feature in this game is that players should be free to express themselves. Given that this game is still early into its launch, there’s going to be even more content coming down the pike in the near future. Look for free DLC coming this June. Which will usher in a new way to spice up an outpost.


Meet Your Maker is only just beginning. There is no telling what the developers have in mind when it comes to future content. Needless to say, the future seems pretty bright for this new IP. It has been garnering pretty solid reviews and it’s quickly building a dedicated fanbase. Even though the outpost building is pretty flexible right now, it is exciting to think how much more wild things are about to get in the future. Meet Your Maker is now available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.




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