Meet Your Maker is a New FPS from the Creators of Dead by Daylight

Meet Your Maker is a new ‘build and raid’ IP that is being made by Behaviour Interactive Inc. This game is very much a community experiment in which players build and share their work with the world. Very few games fit into this category, perhaps Little Big Planet is the closest thing to it. Players will take control of a “Custodian of the Chimera.” A super-soldier who stands as the last beacon of hope for humankind. With nothing left in terms of resources, the most precious commodity is raw genetic material. Players will compete with each other worldwide to obtain as much of this substance as possible. By constructing and customizing their own outposts, players will fight tooth and claw to outwit each other. Both in terms of combat and level design. The maze-like structure within the outposts is something players will take pride in. Thus, no two maps will be the same, for sure.

The outposts can be made any way the player best sees fit. Not only can they make the level look a certain way, but there is also a slew of security detail to dive into. Traps, pit falls, blocks, and even guards can be deployed anywhere. Yes, players can program A.I.-controlled sentries to patrol the maze leading to the genmat. They can be assigned certain patterns that they can march on. If a player manages to frag a trespasser, they can seize all of their own resources for themselves. On the flip side to that, if an outpost is raided, players won’t lose any resources that they accumulated. There is a lot to dig into with Meet Your Maker. It’s a refreshing IP that has the potential to stand above the sea of other PvP games out there. Thus, many gamers probably haven’t heard of this IP before and it deserves to be looked into.

Raiders of the Lost Art

Design-wise, Meet Your Maker appears to be heavily influenced by early 90s FPSs, like Quake II, for instance. The artwork in this game has this bio-mechanical grunge to it. The enemies even look like Stroggs from the Quake universe. The outposts that players will build will be dense, intimate, and mind-twisting. Players will not know what to expect around every corner. Now, the main angle with this game is that it’s all about trial and error. Players will constantly tweak their map, gradually learning its weaknesses through every successful raid. Hence, recording playbacks with every match will be a feature in this game to help gamers study their work. As for the raiders, they won’t be defenseless during their missions, by any means. There will be various ways to customize a load-out before every match.

Players can set up their character to be any warrior they want. Either a nimble ninja-like character using grappling hooks or a tank that can take a lot of abuse. There is a plethora of firearms, melee weapons, and consumables to utilize during each raid. Things like crossbows, swords, shotguns, and rifles are only a few tools that can be used. On top of that, there will also be perks that can be unlocked to help spice up every raid. This is standard procedure with any PvP FPS out there. So, it is only fitting to also have it with Meet Your Maker. Additionally, friends can also join up to build an outpost. There is no time limit, either. Players can take as long as they need to make something that suits their vision. It won’t go live until players are good and ready. Also, let’s not forget that players can always try to raid other outposts for more resources to help make their own work more efficient. Most likely, different outposts will offer particular resources in players will need to seek.

Blueprint of Death

Much like Dead by Daylight that came before it, Meet Your Maker will have a never-ending flow of content drip feeding into it. There will be new mods, customizations, guards, traps, and designs to try out on a regular basis. Of course, this all depends on how heavily the gaming community takes notice of this new title. As mentioned before, this game is very much a community-sharing experience. Players will be able to pin accolades to certain outposts to help spotlight it for other gamers to find. Hence, the reputations of creators can be enhanced through acknowledgment of a job well done. Players won’t be just posting up their creations into an echo chamber. There is indeed a reward system in place that will help give players a sense of accomplishment.

Now, even though this game may look like, “another PvP” there is something special being brewed, here. Given past games of this sub-genre, like Super Mario Maker and its ilk, it is well-known that gamers like to create. The developers of Meet Your Maker know this and they are running with this sentiment with their newest title. This game is apparently still in development and there is no release date as of, yet. No doubt that this game is a fresh take on the PvP lineup that’s growing exponentially this generation. Also, let’s keep in mind that players who don’t like to build things can still enjoy this IP. They can just simply raid all of the outposts and be pests for the creators if they so choose. There are various ways to enjoy this game, no doubt.

Sneak In and Tweak Out

The trailer that was recently dropped for Meet Your Maker does provide a hefty taste of how this game will play, feel and operate. So far, this game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2023. Most likely, it will come out within the first or second quarter. Any gamer that is looking for something that is unique and not just another arena shooter or open-world venture should check this IP out. It may end up being a breath of fresh air. Meet Your Maker is slated to be released for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC sometime next year.


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