What to Expect from the New Hearthstone Expansion

Hearthstone is an online collectible card game based on the Warcraft franchise that was released in 2014. Since that time, it has become a tremendous success, so much so that it has become an e-sport with its own tournaments that offer cash prizes to the winners. Given its basic concept, it should come as no surprise to learn that Hearthstone releases expansions on a regular basis, which provides its players with new options in the form of new cards, thus ensuring that the meta-game will remain new and exciting rather than old and stale.

What Is Knights of the Frozen Throne?

Knights of the Frozen Throne will be the next expansion released for Hearthstone in August of 2017. In total, it will introduce 135 new cards to the collectible card game, though the exact proportion of cards between the Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary categories remain unknown remains unknown for the time being. Regardless, the expansion is sure to bring sweeping changes in the meta-game, meaning that it is time for Hearthstone players to start brushing up on its mechanics as soon as possible.

Narrative-wise, it should come as no surprise to learn that the expansion is focused on the Lich King, seeing as how the Frozen Throne is a reference to his physical throne as well as the place where he became the Lich King in truth. As a result, some of the cards in the new expansion have mechanics that match this narrative, with an excellent example being the new Lifesteal power that will heal the player by hurting their enemies. Furthermore, it should be noted that the new expansion will have new Hero cards that will transform heroes into Death Knights, which will have new sets of powers for new possibilities.

Of course, Knights of the Frozen Throne will feature more content than just the addition of new cards to the collectible card game. For example, interested individuals can expect free missions that will let them go up against bosses such as Sindragosa, which should provide them with a much more interesting time than otherwise possible. Furthermore, it should be noted that completing the new prologue mission with provide players with one of the nine new Hero cards chosen at random, meaning that they will want to complete as soon as possible.

How Can Players Prepare for Knights of the Frozen Throne?

There are a number of ways that Hearthstone players can prepare for the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne. For example, they might want to curb their spending on new packs for the time being so that they can save up for a head start once it comes out. Furthermore, they should continue keeping a close eye on the Hearthstone community, which is bound to start putting out examinations of the new content as soon as more information is known. However, the simplest and most straightforward method for interested individuals to learn more about Knights of the Frozen Throne is to play with the new cards once they are released. After all, while people can come up with all sorts of theories just by looking at what the cards say, there is nothing like putting them to use for getting a good grip on their real capabilities. Something that will be critical for success in future games of Hearthstone once the new expansion is released.

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