How to Beat DarkBeast Paarl in BloodBorne

Even if you don’t know much about video games, a title like ‘BloodBorne’ probably conjures up some distinct and vivid images. Well, you’d be right in thinking it’s not a game about green meadows, good deeds or friendly people smiling at one another. BloodBorne is dark, moody and a little bit terrifying in places. It’s also one of the best action role playing games of 2015. If you’ve played BloodBorne, you’ll know the game is set in Yharnham, a town overcome by plague. You’re the mysterious Hunter, tasked with finding the source of the sickness and saving the villagers (oh, and fighting monsters, really big monsters). One of these monsters is called DarkBeast Paarl and, today, we’re going to show you how to defeat him.

Why Fight DarkBeast Paarl in the First Place

The first thing to know is you don’t have to fight DarkBeast Paarl. No, really. He’s a totally optional boss. If you fight him and win, however, you unlock the Spark Hunter Badge. You also get a snazzy new lantern and a shortcut to the lower part of Old Yarnham. The dilemma here is that Paarl happens to be one of the trickiest bosses to beat. It’s why we recommend saving his boss fight until you’ve levelled up a few times. Then again, everybody plays BloodBorne differently. Whenever you decide to approach him, just make sure you have the right strategy in hand. As is often the case with big boss fights, timing is everything. You’ve got to deal out maximum damage but avoid his randomised attacks.

Where to Find DarkBeast Paarl in BloodBorne

Here’s how you get to DarkBeast Paarl and trigger the boss fight. First, activate the Advent Plaza lamp and return to Hunter’s Dream. Then, travel to the Yahar’gul, Unseen Village lamp to get to the villain himself. Head down the stairs, turn right and head down a second flight of stairs. Then, take the lift to the lower levels. You will encounter some enemies on the way, so be ready for a quick battle or three. Once out of the lift, turn right and you’ll find another set of stairs. Head down this time. Stick to the right and follow the path all the way around. Shoot down one more flight of stairs and go through the door on your right. Kill the enemy patrol, take the doorway on the right again, head up the stairs (are you still with us?) and eviscerate the second patrol.

Finally – now you know why some people never bother with Paarl – take the stairs on the far side. Collect the two Blood Stone Chunks. Go back to the first room you passed through, cross into the left cell and through the next room. There are two more Chunks in here. Pick them up and go through the entryway on your right. Jump onto the trail below and you’ll soon run into DarkBeast Paarl. It’s a bit of a trek and, now, you’ll have to dodge and parry.

The Best Strategy for Defeating DarkBeast Paarl

Players have the option to challenge Paarl fairly early on in the game. As we said, it’s up to you to decide. Just keep in mind the fact that he’s very fast. It’s worth waiting until you’ve battled a few lower status bosses. When you’re ready, the secret to winning this fight is to move away from Paarl at the right times. When he starts charging up – yeah, he’s electrified – that’s the time to scram. Get far away from him when he stands still to recharge. Otherwise, do what seems counterproductive and stay very close to DarkBeast Paarl. In fact, stand underneath him where it’s easiest to avoid his very fast, very expansive attacks. When you’re right underneath him, you can also deliver some punishing blows of your own.

Give him everything you’ve got. Fire Paper seems to be an effective weapon. Attack for as long as you can before that dastardly recharge begins – then, get out of there fast. If you want to attack from the front, rather than underneath, watch out for the lunging paws. Paarl is going to swat at you, but his blows are easily dodged if you time it right. If you do enough damage to this demonic attack dog, he loses his ability to electrocute. This is when you go all out with your attacks. Paarl will appear to fall a couple of times, but stay on your guard. He’s going to look vulnerable but come back to surprise you twice, maybe three times. Don’t get caught out. He’ll try to regain his electric powers and this is the perfect time to finish him off. Attack, attack, attack.

At this point, defeating Paarl is just about repeating a simple pattern of attack and evasion. Fight when he’s still and recharging. Get out of dodge when he’s striking out. Eventually, DarkBeast Paarl will fall. You’ll be able to open a door to Old Yharnam and you’ll get the Graveyard of the Darkbeast lamp. There you have it, you’ve defeated what many consider to be one of BloodBorne’s toughest bosses. Enjoy your spoils Hunter.

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