How to Beat King Dice in Cuphead

King Dice

King Dice is the Devil’s right-hand man in Cuphead. As such, he is a major antagonist in his own right, particularly since he interacts so much with Cuphead and Mugman even when compared with his boss. Naturally, this means that interested individuals can expect to fight King Dice towards the end of Cuphead, which will prove to be one of the most challenging experiences that can be found in the entire game.

How Should You Prepare For King Dice?

Players should spare no expense when it comes to their loadout for the King Dice fight. Weapon-wise, interested individuals should consider the Peashooter as well as the Charge. However, if they are concerned about their ability to hit their enemies while avoiding attacks, they should consider switching out the Peashooter for the Chaser. This means that they will be losing out on potential damage, but in exchange, they can count on their attacks reaching their intended destination.

As for their super attack, players should choose either the Energy Beam or the Giant Ghost because of their damage-dealing capabilities. Invincibility is fine. However, it isn’t as useful as either one of the other two options when it comes to boss battles, meaning that interested individuals should avoid it unless they are struggling with a particular part of the King Dice fight but can manage the rest with no issues whatsoever.

Meanwhile, there are several charms that can prove to be very useful in the King Dice fight. For example, Coffee will fill up the player’s super meter on a continuous basis, thus enabling them to do more damage than otherwise possible. Likewise, Twin Heart will make them that much more survivable with two more hit points, though there is a cost of reduced attack power. Other useful effects range from P. Sugar’s automatic first parry to Smoke Bomb’s invulnerability while dashing.

On a final note, interested individuals should prioritize their personal preferences over the recommendations made here. If they have favorites, chances are good that they know those favorites better than any of the other options that can be found in the game. As such, going in with their favorite loadout should be their best option for a fight that will test them on everything that they have learned over the course of Cuphead.

How Can You Beat King Dice?

Simply put, the King Dice fight is a test of endurance. This is because players won’t be facing off against the Devil’s right-hand man from the very start. Instead, they will have to make their way through a game board with their movement determined by a roll of dice. If they are lucky, they will face off against three of King Dice’s minions before facing off against him. In contrast, if they are unlucky, they will face off against the full roster of nine, thus making for a much more challenging experience. On top of this, it should be mentioned that there is a space called “START OVER,” which won’t make the player face off against any of the mini-bosses that they have already defeated but will require them to make their way over the game board once more, thus making it possible for them to face off against the remaining mini-bosses on the roster.

Here are the nine mini-bosses:

  • Tipsy Troop – The Tipsy Troop consists of a glass of martini, a glass of rum, and a decanter of whiskey. Players can beat this mini-boss by destroying the olives sent out by the glass of martini, jumping over the spillage from the glass of rum, and avoiding the eruption from the decanter of whiskey while shooting at them the whole time.
  • Chips Bettigan – Chips Bettigan is a stack of chips with a cowboy hat. He has a single attack that can be summed up as splitting up before sending different segments with different timing to the other side of the screen. As such, the entire fight is just a matter of avoiding being hit while continuing to shoot.
  • Mr. Wheezy – This mini-boss is a huge cigar that can attack by shooting out fireballs that will move in the matter of a loop-de-loop. Besides that, there are a couple of other things to watch out for, with one being the cigarettes that will shoot out of the gap between the two cigar trays and the other being the mini-boss teleporting from one cigar tray to the other.
  • Pip and Dot –  The stage is a major hassle because players will have to continue moving forward to avoid the spikes at their back while jumping over the spikes aimed at their feet. As for Pip and Dot, either avoid or destroy their flying domino pieces while avoiding their dice.
  • Hopus Pocus – Players can beat Hopus Pocus by moving through the gap in the ring of rabbit skulls before it closes in on them. Meanwhile, the line of projectiles can be beaten by parrying the pink hearts that show up.
  • Phear Lap – Be warned that the gift boxes will explore in order to send out horseshoes flying in eight directions. Furthermore, watch out for the robed figures attacking from below.
  • Pirouletta – Pirouletta will move from side to side, meaning that players have to either dash past her or parry the chips to turn them into platforms from which to jump over her. Sometimes, Pirouletta will spin to shoot out a deluge of balls, which can be avoided with relative ease.
  • Mangosteen – Mangosteen will shot orbs at the player’s location from time to time while billiard chalks move about in arcs in an attempt to crush them. Suffice to say that this is one of the easier mini-bosses on this list.
  • Mr. Chimes – This is a trick fight. In short, Mr. Chimes will remain inactive while being moved about the stage by the crane. Should the player uncover a matching pair, Mr. Chimes will activate before attacking by sending out music notes via his cymbals. Should the player fail to do so, Mr. Chimes will be moved about at a faster speed before resetting after a time should the player do nothing but dodge. Once every single pair has been found, there is nothing remaining but to finish off Mr. Chimes.
  • King Dice – Technically, King Dice isn’t a mini-boss. However, he is no more complicated than his mini-bosses. Basically, King Dice has one move, which sees him using his hand to send out cards marching from one side of the screen to the other. Fortunately, some of these cards can be parried to keep the player safe in the air. Unfortunately, there can be a sizable gap between them, meaning that this is easier said than done.

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