Here’s Why Luigi is The Man


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  1. One image, 53 adverts. That seems like a good ratio. I mean it’s good, a picture of Luigi with some inspirational quote on it. Does that seem like an article to you? I don’t think it does. I think it’s something you’d find en masse in plenty of places.
    I don’t know. I used to come to Unreality for the thought out investigations of film, TV, and video games I often didn’t get the chance to play/watch myself. Now it seems like there’s so much of these zero-effort articles I can’t find anything with any words in it. Which is sorely disappointing to me.

  2. Yea, I have no clue what happened to this site. I guess they lost their writers? I head over here at least once a week to check up on things (sometimes more if I can’t find anything good), but I agree, it has taken a turn for the worse sadly.

  3. I’m pretty sure nobody will see this now, but I do feel deleting someone’s post saying that they don’t think the writing gig is a good deal is a pretty nasty thing to do. I only quoted the “write for us” section, and was arguably less sarcastic than my op. Shame.

  4. It was the wording. It sounded arrogant. People write for free all the time for sites to get their name out. We get a decent amount of traffic. We don’t have a gun to anyone’s head. You can write once a month or once a year. Or not at all. Entirely up to you.

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