12 Rare Video Games That are Worth a Small Fortune














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  1. I’m waiting for collectors to realize the value of old PC and Apple games, especially those that are on floppies that still work. If tech heads were to be believed, every floppy disc should have spontaneously erased by the end of 1990s. That means if someone still has a copy of Mystery House (the first ever 3-D graphic adventure game) released for the Apple around 1979, or Eduware’s infamous game based upon The Prisoner TV series, or the first Ultima game and its predecessor, Akalabeth, and if those copies still work, there has to be some pretty substantial collector value. In the UK back in the mid-90s there was a Doom-style 3-D game based on Doctor Who that included newly shot FMV featuring one of the actors. Find a copy of that today for cheap, I dare ya. Cartridge games are easy to collect because they last forever, but floppy-based games – god luck!

  2. you would be surprised for what you can get for some of your old games. my mamacita recently tried to sell my old gamecube games. while a majority were less than like 5 bucks, for some reason NBA Street got me 20, and this other game i had called Phantasy Star Online i almost got 100 for because apparently they still play it in japan.

  3. Man, I was hoping to see some more nintendo games on this list. 2 Weeks ago, I took a box of mine from a relatives attic that has been in storage since 1993. I was shocked to see my original Nintendo console in there with about 20 games, in which 5 or so were in their original case. The original duck hunt gun too! To name a few, Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Paperboy, Baseball Stars and Donkey Kong. On the other hand, do you remember cassette singles that they used to sell at music stores in malls? You know, the ones that come in the paper sleeve. Well, I had a bunch of those and by far the best one is UB40 – Red, Red, Wine. (Trying to sing it in my head and can’t get past the red, red, wine part….was is “stay close to me?”)

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