Dead By Daylight Dating Sim Hooked On You Coming Soon

Dead by Daylight Hooked On You dating sim

“Dead By Daylight” from Behaviour Interactive quickly became unique for its own take on the survival horror genre, and with a huge flux of horror collaborations to help support the overall vision of the game, and now the game has extended its reach even further in an even more highly original game from the idea of the original “Dead By Daylight”. The new game, “Hooked On You”, will take four original killers from “Dead By Daylight” and turn them into romantic conquests. Below, we’ve gone over the details of “Dead By Daylight”, the various and extremely unique collaborations the game has had, as well as the “Dead By Daylight” dating sim coming soon, “Hooked On You”.

Dead By Daylight

“Dead By Daylight” is an asymmetrical survival horror game that features four survivors and one killer per game that the player can play, with the goal of Survivors to escape the Killers by avoiding them at all costs and activating generators located around each level and the goal of Killers to capture as many Survivors as possible to steal their essence for The Entity.

Dead By Daylight Collaborations

In the past, “Dead By Daylight” has had collaborations with some of the largest horror franchises ever from movies like “Saw”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and “The Ring” to video games like “Left 4 Dead” and even television shows like “Stranger Things”, the game hasn’t slowed down since launch and has even announced a second, future collaboration with the “Resident Evil” franchise, as well as additional story content for the game, expected to launch next month called, “Roots of Dread”.

Dead By Daylight Dating Sim Hooked On You

The “Dead By Daylight” dating sim “Hooked On You” will be launching soon, this summer, specifically for Steam, and will feature four original Killers from Dead By Daylight in a literally new light as they will be treated as gorgeous royalty. “Hooked On You” may be a spin-off from the original heavily horror-based “Dead By Daylight” but just as much dedication has been put into “Hooked On You” as the core “Dead By Daylight”, as noted with Behaviour Interactive enlisting the studio behind the KFC love-novel game “I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator”.

The Killers

While the original “Dead By Daylight” holds a total of twenty-eight Killers currently, between originals and collaborations, “Hooked On You” will allow players to flirt and mingle with four Killers total, at least to start, two female and two female. The four Killers players will be able to interact with are The Wraith and The Trapper, two of the original trio of Killers added to the game upon release, and two later added characters to “Dead By Daylight”, The Spirit and The Huntress. Although no specific details have been shared regarding how these Killers will be able to be interacted with, but as with any novel style dating sim, the game will have a very specific graphic style and won’t be too complex but will have varying results depending on how the players decide to explore the game.

Possible Dead By Daylight, or Original, DLC for Hooked On You

It’s not unlikely that the developers of “Hooked On You” would add DLC from the original “Dead By Daylight” but it is unlikely that the development team would add any collaborative DLC, just as the DLC characters tend to have a more permanent, concrete vision of what they represent and a “vivid dating life” may not be among those things. As much as players would love to enter tantalizing conversations of romance with characters from other franchises such as Pyramid Head of the “Silent Hill” franchise or even Ghost Face from “Scream”, it may be best to use strictly original characters and themes for the “Dead By Daylight” dating sim, “Hooked On You” as to keep the game as original as possible. With a total of twenty-eight Killers in the original “Dead By Daylight”, there’s a large chunk of characters that aren’t from other franchises so original content, especially the chance of new Killers entirely, is always a possibility.

Hooked On You on Steam

While many fans of the series are excited to get started on amping up their killer dating life, unfortunately, only fans of the “Dead By Daylight” series with access to Steam on a Windows-powered PC will be able to experience such a dating life with these Killers on Murderer’s Island. However, the game does appear to be highly mobile friendly but with the game only launching for Steam specifically, it may stay that way, especially as the game isn’t really a console title, a console port may only come at high request from fans missing out on the strange new adventure.

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