Five Awesome Cheats for Borderlands 3

For those who are unfamiliar with the Borderlands series, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. One, the series is one of the most iconic examples of the looter shooter genre, not least because it was one of the earliest pioneers of the looter shooter genre as well. Two, the series has what one might call a stand-out sense of style that is best-described as a space fantasy western mixed in with plenty of black comedy. Combined, these elements have made the Borderlands series very popular with a wide range of players, which is why the release of the latest installment Borderlands 3 has been met with enormous enthusiasm. Here are five tips, tricks, and cheats that interested individuals should keep in mind when playing through Borderlands 3:

Plan Your Builds

Like in previous Borderlands titles, players can strengthen their characters through more than one method in Borderlands 3. For instance, the central loop of the series consists of killing tough enemies for better loot, which in turn, can be used to kill even tougher enemies for even better loot. Having said that, the single most important method should be the player’s build for their current player character, referring to the set of skills chosen using the skill points collected from the level-ups. After all, each of the player-characters have their own particular skills, which in turn, means their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the chosen skills have a huge effect on how they play, meaning that even if two players are using the same player-character, their capabilities and thus their performances can be very different from one another. Fortunately, the people behind Borderlands 3 understand perfectly well that Borderlands players care a great deal about their builds, which is why the skill trees for the player-characters have been posted for some time. As a result, Borderlands 3 players have had a lot of time to mull over this information before exchanging ideas with one another about how to maximize the performance of potential builds, thus making for an incredible source of insight that interested individuals would be foolish to pass up on. Sure, Borderlands 3 players can just reset their builds if they ever find that their builds aren’t working for them, but it is always a good idea for them to have some kind of general destination in mind before they get going.

Bring the Right Mix of Weapons

Borderlands 3 prides itself on the sheer range of weapons that can be found within. As a result, it would be a shame to not make full use of this feature by bringing the right mix of weapons to each encounter. Generally speaking, interested individuals should go for a set of weapons that can make up for each other’s failings. For example, even if the player is planning to use a shotgun for most fights, they might still want to have a sniper rifle on hand for when they need to kill something that is sitting outside of shotgun range. Likewise, if a player has a shock weapon to bring down shields, they can pair that with a fire weapon to capitalize on the resulting vulnerabilities. People who are returning to the Borderlands series with Borderlands 3 should know that there is an interesting change in that guns can now have alternate firing modes, thus making for more combinations and thus more synergies. As such, they should always check their looted weapons with care and consideration to make sure that they know what they can and cannot do.

Keep Moving

There are some shooters that encourage their players to be as aggressive as possible. The Borderlands series isn’t like that, but Borderlands players are nonetheless encouraged to remain on the move. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this remains as true in Borderlands 3 as it was in previous Borderlands titles. If anything, this has become even stronger, seeing as how Borderlands 3 now lets players climb and slide for more movement options than ever before. In any case, players should remain on the move because the Borderlands series is filled with enemies that prefer to attack up close rather than attack from afair. One example would be the series’s iconic Psychos, while another example would be the wildlife both mutated and otherwise. As such, while players could let these enemies close in to hammer on them, they would be better-served by remaining out of their reach. This is particularly true because player-characters can pack some pretty nasty melee capabilities of their own, meaning that the movement used to escape enemies can also be used to get in range of other enemies for maximum efficiency. Of course, remaining on the move is also useful for evading shots as well as setting up shots, particularly since Borderlands 3 now comes with destructible cover.

Use the Shift Codes

Shift Codes are digital codes that can be entered into Borderlands games for skins as well as legendary weapons. As a result, if Borderlands 3 players aren’t satisfied with their weapon loadout, they might want to check out a list of Shift Codes before heading on over to the Golden Chest in their home base. Every time that they use one of the Golden Keys that they can get from Shift Codes, they are guaranteed to get a legendary weapon, which can be a neat way for them to up-gun themselves. Be sure to pay attention to announcements for more opportunities to get more Shift Codes.

Check Out the Duplication Exploit

Supposedly, there is a way that PC players can duplicate weapons when they are playing multiplayer. In short, what they do is save a copy of their save file, which should be located in one of the subfolders of the Documents folder. After which, they enter a multiplayer game hosted by the player who will be receiving the duplicate. There, the player should drop their weapon for the other player to pick up before exiting their game. Having done so, they can then replace their new save file with their old save file, which should still have the relevant weapon on it.

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