Crowz is an Open-World PVP Squad-Based Shooter Coming Soon

Crowz is being developed by RoyalCrow and it’s a new multiplayer competitive shooter in which players will be in the boots of mercenaries called, “Crow.” The story takes place in the near future. to wear mysterious meteors that fell from the heavens and crashed onto the Earth. These cosmic rocks are rich in a new mineral called Q-on and every developed country on the planet wants it. Therefore, “Crows” are hired to obtain Q-on, with subsequent carnage happening between each faction as they scramble to appease their clients. Throughout the world, the people of the world dubbed these mercenaries as, “Crowz” which obviously explains the peculiar title for this game. This IP is early in development and there is quite a bit of quirk that needs to be worked out. However, there are some rather interesting concepts being ironed out. This helps this new IP stand on its own two feet and have legs among its competition.

There is very little currently known about Crowz, but there are some details floating around which will cause it to be a blip on gamers’ radar. This game will be played entirely on an open-world map and it will be a PvEvP experience. Although the ultimate threat will be against other players, there will be a host of other enemies to deal with, as well. This battlefield is immense, teeming with places to go and things to do. There are certainly some Battlefield vibes radiating from the most current gameplay trailer. With environmental destruction, smooth framerate, and nice draw distances, it is easy to compare Crowz to that IP. However, there is more to Crowz than just being another military shooter. This game is all about teamwork and tactical maneuvering throughout an ever-changing environment. Which, by the way, can provide up to limitless hours of gameplay and opportunities.

Mercenary’s Life For Me

Now, based on what was shown in the footage, there is a lot to take in. Crowz seems to be centered with constantly moving from Point A to Point B with all manners of transportation. It appears that this game will be more of a race toward obtaining the prize that’s raining down from the sky, as opposed to the standard ‘offensive and defensive’ game types. Players can traverse the map via air, land, or sea. Of course, these vehicles will come with mounted weapons, or a player can simply just use what’s equipped on their loadout. So far, there are two game modes locked in. These are “Squad Operations” and “Blood Zone.” There was an open Beta-test last month that focused on these game modes, which gave players a nice taste of what to expect. Squad Operations is basically like the underappreciated “Cargo” game type found in EA’s original Battlefront. A squad of players must extract resources from a secured location and return back to their rendevous point. Of course, the opposing team must stop that from happening and steal the Q-on for themselves. It is a simple concept when it comes to video games, but it can make brutal and intense rounds.

Blood Zone is essentially a large-scale “Deathmatch.” The map is a marred terrain of mountains, villages, rivers, and plains. Peppered with various industrial wastelands like refineries and military bases. It appears that everything is fully explorable. Crowz can be played via first-person or third-person perspective. In this mode, objectives in this game aren’t as ‘cut and dry’ as other military shooters. On the map, players will see that there are two different types of objectives. One icon will be ‘circular’ while the other will be ‘rectangular.’ The circular objective icons must be complete in order. Meanwhile, the rectangular objectives are basically “side-missions” that players can finish whenever they want. The kicker is, that these types of missions tend to be more difficult, hence rewarding more Q-on, as a result. Of course, the main goal of this mode is that the squad with the most Q-on wins the match.

Toys of Turmoil

Yes, there are vehicles that range from helicopters to tanks. In Crowz, tanks can especially be a formidable opponent. The only way to take them down is either with; sticky bombs, bazookas, or airstrikes. Some of these items can be equipped via loadout, but most of them are hidden throughout the map in special crates. Much like any Battle Royale game, matches start with players parachuting from their helicopters to their desired location. Players can also do this while respawning, as well. However, this only happens during special occasions. Loadouts are deep and minute with this selection. Players can equip themselves with a variety of firearms like an SMG, LMG, and even a sniper rifle. It appears that perhaps a player can create their own class, as opposed to selecting the one that’s pre-determined. Everything on a firearm can be tweaked. From the barrels to the magazines.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that there are also nefarious narcotics that can be found in players will encounter. Strange side-effects will occur which will mutate the soldiers into a zombie-like beast, among other things. It’s a little extra element that’ll keep players on their toes and give this IP its own identity. After the Open-Beta the developers have conducted a survey to receive feedback with their title. So far, things have been pretty positive in terms of how this game plays. Crowz definitely has a familiar aesthetic and feel compared to other squad-based shooters. The added environmental hazards and slight sci-fi component gives it a little more freshness, for sure.

Q-on Quest

Crowz still has a ways to go for its development, but things appear to be going in full stride. There hasn’t been a date established as to when this game will be released. It’s possible it could be coming out later this year, but that isn’t likely. When it does come out, Crowz will be available for PC whenever it launches. No word yet as to whether or not this game will be a PC exclusive, or shift to other platforms. Whatever the case, PC players should have their eye on this game if they’re looking for something to scratch that COD or BF itch.

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