Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game – Hitchhiker Gameplay Tips

The beta build for Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game was recently let loose on the world. Gamers from all regions got a good taste of Texas terror with two available maps and a few playable characters. There were only three villains to choose from including; Leatherface, the Cook, and the Hitchhiker. The guide will look into the Hitchhiker and focus on how to make him the most efficient killer possible. Even though it is tempting to play as Leatherface as much as possible in this title, other killers can be just as satisfying to play.

The Hitchhiker is a slinky, snake-like character that can squeeze between objects and lay traps. He is generally used for chasing down victims and flushing them out of hiding spots. His attacks aren’t that damaging, since he only uses a small knife. However, his quick speed and perks allow him to be a recon of sorts. Sniffing out the victims and snagging them with traps will not only give away their position but also slow them down. In terms of movement, the Hitchhiker comes with most of the gameplay mechanics as the victims, which makes him a comfortable choice to pick.

The killers in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game does come with stamina, just like the victims. The difference is, that attacking will also drain stamina. When it comes to the hitchhiker, he has very high endurance with his attacking. So, players can swipe away with their knife, without ever running out of breath. He is like a nagging mosquito buzzing around, chipping away at a victim’s HP. He is hard to escape, and probably the biggest nuisance during a match.

The Hitchhikers Abilities

So, the key ability of the hitchhiker is that he’s a trapper. He starts every match with three traps. The way players can use them is up to their own discretion. Generally speaking, the smart way to use traps is to think like a victim player. Currently, there are four different ways to escape a map. Therefore, there are key places on the map that will enable victims to open an escape. Things, like; light fuses, generators, gates, etc are wise places to set a trap down. If you manage to snag a victim, they will be highlighted. Which will offer the chance to go after them and finish them off.

Once a player knows the layout of a map, another strategy is setting a trap at an exit door. Because there is no way for a victim player to avoid it. They’ll have no choice but to step on it. Which will provide one last-ditch effort to take them down. As mentioned before, he comes with the highest endurance out of all the killers. Much like the victims, the killers come with their own attributes; Savagery, Harvesting, and Endurance. Attributes in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is generally stats for each of the characters.

The Hitchhiker’s Attributes

So, when it comes to Savagery, the Hitchhiker is probably the weakest out of the bunch. Of course, this is made up of his almost limitless endurance. The trick is to swipe at the backsides of fleeing victims to score some hits. Don’t stand toe-to-toe because they do have the ability to punch killers in the nose. Which will stun them for several seconds. Scoring some cheap hits while victims work on something, or when they’re hiding can slowly rake in the Hitchhiker’s damage output. Harvesting is his second weakest attribute. This stat is about how much blood he can gather while injuring victims.

During a match, players will come across buckets of blood that they can use to collect. The Harvesting stat isn’t associated with this. It is strictly all about injuring victims. Blood is used to feed Grandpa. Doing this will highlight victims all over the map for a limited time. If he reaches Level 5, then the victims will be highlighted permanently. This is a dangerous situation for the victims regardless. However, when it comes to the Hitchhiker, he can’t carry that much blood. So, maybe it’s best for other players to focus on feeding Grandpa while on the hunt and focus on other things. Once Grandpa maxes out his ability during a match, the Hitchhiker can be the deadliest killer due to his speed and stamina. He can quickly track down victims and help turn them into chili.

The Hitchhiker’s Skills

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game does come with some light RPG mechanics. Generally, this is standard fare seen in other asymmetrical horror survival games. This title does indeed come with a skill tree. Each character has their own custom-made skill tree that will be their own. Each skill can be unlocked through Attribute Points. Skills basically upgrade perks and abilities that can give a killer an extra edge. Skills won’t be unlockable all at once. Players will need to pick a certain path and commit to it. If they don’t like it, they can always reset it.

In the case of the Hitchhiker, look for ways to make him more efficient with his traps. If there’s a way to carry more at the start of a match, use it. Also, perking up his Savagry wouldn’t hurt, either. The Hitchhiker isn’t a brutish killer by any means. He has a specific role and it will be wise to commit to it. So, increase the number of traps to carry, make them lock down victims longer, and increase his melee attacks.


For an asymmetrical survival-horror game, Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes with a surprisingly nuanced system. There is a variety of ways to customize a killer. The Hitchhiker made tend to be overlooked when starting a match. Players should try him out, if they enjoy playing ‘cat and mouse’ with their victims. The full-version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game will be avaiable for PlayStation, Xbox and PC on August 18th.

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