YouTuber Gives Overwatch’s Jetpack Cat an Origin Film

Overwatch is a first-person shooter from Blizzard in which players choose from a wide range of colorful characters before forming competing teams. Story-wise, it is set 60 years into the future, which has seen some serious setbacks because of a robot uprising called the Omnic Crisis. To suppress the Omnics, the United Nations formed a special task force called Overwatch, which succeeded in its intended mission but lost public confidence because of subsequent failures as well as other issues with its operations. As a result, an explosion at Overwatch’s headquarters proved to be the last straw, prompting the United Nations to disband the organization. However, while Overwatch might be gone, most of its members remain, meaning that they are ready to step up to confront a wide range of threats to the world.

Why Wasn’t the Jetpack Cat Included in Overwatch?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cast of characters featured on Overwatch has seen a fair amount of revision. One example can be seen in how said cast used to feature a Jetpack Cat, which was exactly what it sounds like, being a cat who controlled a jetpack through the use of its paws. Unfortunately, while Jetpack Cat proved to be popular with the team behind Overwatch, the concept was too out there for the overall feel of the game, which can seem like a rather amusing statement for some players considering that one of the current characters is an uplifted gorilla who used to live on the moon. Regardless, it seems clear that there are plenty of Overwatch fans who would’ve liked to see Jetpack Cat in the game in spite of the stated issues, as shown by the fact that there is now a fan-made origin short for the character.

For those who are curious, Overwatch characters get origin shorts to introduce them to interested individuals in a more effective and efficient manner than what text can manage on its own. Those who want to find the fan-made origin short for Jetpack Cat should have no problems doing so, but the gist of the two-minute long video is that Jetpack Cat is, well, a cat who belongs to a cast member named Brigitte. As a result, when Brigitte heads out to fight alongside her father as well as her godfather, Jetpack Cat becomes sad, which is why it makes the choice to make a jetpack of its own so that it can join in the fighting. The whole video is narrated with subtitled cat meows, thus making the whole thing that much more amusing, particularly since Jetpack Cat has rather amusing nicknames for both Brigitte’s father, who he calls the Garden Gnome, and Brigitte’s godfather, who he calls by the much more respectful Grandad.

Overall, the origin short for Jetpack Cat is an excellent show of the enthusiasm that Overwatch has generated in certain segments of its fandom. Unfortunately, the concept is still a poor fit for the game as it is, which strives for colorful while still clinging onto some semblance of reality, which is why an uplifted gorilla from the moon managed to make it in while a cat with a jetpack did not. Still, given the origin short, it is fun to dream about what might have been.

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