Overwatch 2: How to Play as Reinhardt

When it comes to Overwatch 2, there is no shortage of tanky characters. No doubt that Reinhardt is the king of this class. Being a returning character, Reinhardt is one of the few characters in Overwatch 2 that specializes in melee attacks and blunt force trauma. With his unique abilities, it takes a very particular type of player to get the hang of him. Reinhardt’s forte is definitely centered on defensive maneuvers as opposed to the offensive.

Hence, teaming up with a good offensive character like Solider 76 is ideal for prime team balance. In this sequel, there have been some tweaks done to his move set that makes him feel a little slicker. Despite this, Reinhardt is still a formidable foe when trying to break through choke points. However, mastering his attacks will definitely take some practice. They will need to be timed perfectly in order to inflict maximum damage.

Ideal Foes

It is no secret that Reinhardt can take a beating, even without his shield in place. His armor is dense and he has 325 health. Thus, his barrier can also withstand up to 1,200 damage points. There are other tank-like characters in Overwatch 2 and luckily Reinhardt can overpower them easily. When it comes to the opposition, this tank can counter:

  • Genji
  • Doomfist
  • Hanzo
  • Soujourn
  • Soldier 76
  • D’Va

Countering Reinhardt

The thing about Reinhardt, is that he was made to “lead the charge.” Players will want to be in the frontlines, with their shield out, slowly inching their way up. When it comes to attacks, this character is no slouch. His Rocket Hammer can dish out 85 damage with each swing. Plus, he can knock back enemies with each strike, which comes in handy for “edge kills” when applicable. With that said, there are some characters in the roster that can give Reinhardt a difficult time. In most cases, players will need to look out for:

  • Reaper
  • Pharah
  • Junkrat
  • Bastion
  • Zarya

Tips and Strategic Methods

His abilities have remained pretty much the same, since his original debut. His abilities are; Barrier Field, Charge, Fire Strike, and Earthshatter. The biggest change with this sequel is with the Charge ability. It is a little faster and more accessible. However, the damage output has been reduced. In any case, there are a few things to keep in mind with his other abilities.

  • Barrier Field

This ability lets Reinhardt deploy a massive energy shield that can block any form of attack. The thing is that this shield is a “one-way” defense mechanism. So, a player’s team can actually shoot through the shield, while the enemy team can’t. If Reinhardt had a signature move, this is it. As mentioned before, it has 1,200 damage. Which is probably the highest shield damage in the game. Ideally, players will want to use this ability to protect teammates while healing, reloading, or during their cooldown periods. Not to mention leading the attack while in the forefront, with other assault team members backing him up.

  • Charge

This is the only move in Reinhardt’s arsenal that gives him any sense of mobility. Even though the damage has been reduced, the turn speed has been increased to 50%. Additionally, the cooldown period is now 8 seconds instead of 10. Reinhardt will leap toward his target and slam them down with his hammer. This, in turn, will pin the opposition on any hard surface. Just hitting an enemy with Charge will give 50 damage. However, if players successfully pin someone against a wall, it will go up to 225. This move is handy as a follow-up move to Reinhardt’s other abilities. Players should also know that this move can also be canceled if need be.

  • Fire Strike

When it comes to projectiles, this is pretty much all Reinhardt has in his arsenal. Players will want to shoot “ahead” of their target instead of “at” them. This is mainly because Fire Strike is a pretty slow projectile, and it can easily be dodged. Ideally, this shouldn’t be the player’s main mode of attack. This ability is best used more as a supplement. It now has 90 damage and can be fired off back to back, if needed. It is best used to finish off weakened opponents or punish them for running away.

  • Earthshatter

This is Reinhardt’s Ultimate Ability. What it essentially is, is a massive blow from his hammer that can deal substantial damage. The cone of damage is pretty small, so it is best used when the entire enemy team is grouped together. If successful, they will all be stunned for several seconds, leaving them wide open for a finishing attack. Try not to use it when there is a barrier or shield deployed because it can’t break through it. It doesn’t have the best splash damage. So, try to unleash it when enemies are directly in front of Reinhardt for maximum effect. If nothing else, following up with either Charge or Fire Strike will most likely smite foes with ease.

Best Team To Use

Even though Reinhardt is a powerful character, he can still be torn down pretty quickly with a well-organized team. Therefore, there must be the right balance of characters established for him to reach his full potential. The best team members for Reinhardt are; Ana, Lucio, Mel, Baptiste, and Sojourn. These characters can assist him with speed boosts, buffs, healing, and protection. Overwatch 2 has no shortage of tank characters and Reinhardt is a good choice for beginners due to his straightforward design.

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