Cosplay Goes Meta: Samara as Samara

If you’re thinking to yourself, “damn, that’s the most accurate Samara I’ve ever seen,” there’s a reason for that. This might be a first in video game history, as the woman in costume is a model named Rana who was the actual model for the character in Mass Effect.

Better yet, she actually started a donation page to raise $5,000 to help her get into character. Unless that neck thing is made of solid gold, I’m ┬ánot exactly sure what costs 5K, but she had enough support to raise the funds, and therefore we get to see probably the most meta moment in cosplay ever. Now, can we get Mark Vanderloo to dress up as Commander Shepard?

One more photo of Rana/Samara below from expert cosplay photographer Onigun. See more of his Wondercon photos here.

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