How to Complete Storm Racer Mission Challenges in Fortnite

Fortnite Storm Racer Challenges are no slouch; they’re tough enough even with a walkthrough that people are saying some are harder than the Meteoric Rise Challenges combined. Before you start playing, you’ll want to make sure you click on the blue challenges to get a better-detailed description of what you need to do to complete it. Additionally, you’ll want to stock up on your healing items so you can replenish your health as required. Every challenge will either use or force you to avoid the storm itself, and there are fourteen different challenges to complete. These are the more manageable challenges. We grouped them and listed the prestige challenges separately below. You’ll find a list of the possible rewards at the end.

1. Gain 100 Health Inside the Storm

When we said, you’d need healing items we weren’t kidding. The first challenge requires you actually to gain health while inside the storm. Get your Chug Jugs, Chug Splash, Cozy Campfire, bandages, medkits and anything else you can to get that stat up. If you wait until the storm has temporarily stopped moving and do this quickly, you’ll get out unscathed, or at least with less damage.

2. Complete a Lap of Any Race Track

This is pretty straightforward. You have to grab a car, take a lap and finish it in one go. Whether you choose the track northeast of Moisty Palms, south of Polar Peak or east of Junk Junction it won’t matter. Take your lap and be glad for the respite because jumping into the eye of the storm isn’t even the toughest challenge.

3. Survive Ten Storm Phases

The number of matches doesn’t matter on this challenge. All you have to do is live through a total of ten storm phases. This is probably the easiest challenge since simply playing and surviving will unlock it.

4. Visit the Center of a Storm Circle

Before the map shrinks, the storm center will be marked on the map with a purple X. You shouldn’t find it too difficult to locate, so getting there is easy enough. Have we mentioned there’s a lot of traveling involved to complete these fourteen challenges? You’ll find yourself wandering back and forth all over the map to finish these quests.

5. Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano and a Hill Top With a Circle of Trees

The first two parts of this challenge aren’t very tricky to figure out, but newbies and those who haven’t been paying attention might have trouble locating that circle of trees. Fortunately, Gamesradar was kind enough to give out a map, so you can spot it easily.

6. Complete a Time Trial Either E. of Pleasant Park or S.W. of Salty Springs

If you’re a drift boarding champ, then this will be a breeze for you. All you have to do is finish a time trial at either location, and you’re golden. Checking this off your list will require some basic skills, but nothing too wild since you only have to finish in time.

7. Dance at Three Different Telescopes

Just like the circle of trees in challenge five, you have to know where to look for telescopes if you plan to dance in front of them. The good news is that they aren’t hard to find. This time Erik Kain, a Senior Contributor over at Forbes provided a handy guide. For Xbox players the down arrow on your D-pad will get you moving and grooving in Fortnite.

8. Damage an Opponent Inside the Storm

This challenge makes the first one a bit harder since anyone who’s gotten this far down the list will be hunting for someone to mess with. You’ll need to make five hundred points of total damage to someone else inside the storm to check this off your list.

9. Do 100 Damage to Gliding Opponents

Just like the previous challenge, number nine makes it harder for anyone busy trying to complete the fifth challenge from the list above. Hit someone in the air for a hundred points of damage, and you can knock this out quickly. Of course, hitting a moving target isn’t always easy, but you’ll find a way if you want to complete all the challenges.

10. Deal 500 Damage to Opponents After the First Circle Closes

We never thought we’d say these words, but… try shooting someone. It deals good damage, and you can wrap this up quickly enough. If you want an unnecessary added challenge that earns you nothing, you can always go for a harder shot or go full-crazy and play with no weapons. Fun Fact, you can win at Fortnite without any weapons at all.

11. Visit the Center of Three Storm Circles in a Single Match

Remember that purple X we mentioned? That’s the exact center of the storm. This challenge is going to be rough, so start as early in the match as possible to get it done before the match is over. Anything that helps you move quickly and stay alive might help, but there’s no way to cakewalk through as far as we can see.

12. Deal Fall Damage to an Opponent

The likelihood of shoving someone off a cliff is somewhat slim, but the challenges aren’t impossible. You’ll need to find a way to make someone drop over 1300 units to take that kind of damage.  As you may have noticed if you’ve been around awhile, fall damage has changed. You can’t jump off a building, but walking over the edge is different. Don’t ask us why.

13. Complete Time Trial N. of Lucky Landing or E. of Snobby Shores

If you finished number five, you’ll have an easier time with this because the time trial marker is near that circle grove of trees. Look for the blue marker to get started.

14. Dance at Three Telescopes in One Match

Now that you know where those telescopes are located thanks to finishing number seven, you’ll be heading back to do it all again. This time you have to get down at all three locations in a single match. We suggest starting as soon as the match begins because time is short and you’re going to be doing a lot of moving so that you can shake it.

Rewards: Based on the Number of Challenges Completed

Rewards unlock in the following order based on the number of challenges you successfully finish:

  • 10x Battle Stars
  • 10x Battle Stars
  • 10x Battle Stars
  • 5,000x Season XP
  • 10x Battle Stars
  • 10x Battle Stars
  • Gameplan Back Bling
  • 1,000x Season XP
  • 1,000x Season XP
  • 1,000x Season XP
  • Pixel Blast Spray
  • 1,000x Season XP
  • 1,000x Season XP
  • Eternal Voyager (Cerulean) Style

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