Tchia will be a Cultured Adventure Based on New Caledonia

Tchia is a brand new IP being forged by a blossoming studio called Awaceb. Founded by two friends from New Caledonia, these developers are creating a fresh title that honors the culture they grew up in. Tchia is an open-world light-hearted survival simulator that takes place in the archipelago. Even though this game is based on a real place, this story has fantastical elements which give the gameplay a magical flare to it. The story hasn’t been officially revealed, yet. However, the trailer hints that Tchia is fighting against an industrial or mystical evil of some kind that’s overtaking the islands. She must venture out, survive the elements and find a way to make things right. This game is aiming to be fully authentic to the customs of New Caledonia. This includes having all the characters speak in their native tongues that are accompanied by sub-titles.

Such languages that will be used in this game will range from Russian, French, Spanish, and even German. There is definitely a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild flavor to be found, here. The inspirations can clearly be seen through the trailer, especially when Tchia uses a giant leaf to glide across gaps. The art design also echos that game and, needless to say, this is a good thing. There’s a sense of innocence, adventure, and charm that this title is aiming for which can be a refresher for many gamers out there. Even though this game is being crafted by a small team of people, there is potential for this title to become something special. It has slipped under the radar for many gamers out there and this is a title worth keeping an eye on. Because this console generation is springing up a new crop of talented developers. With that said, Awaceb seems to be on the right path toward something reminiscent of the Nintendo games of yesteryear.

Kiss of Magic

The map of Tchia will be a fully explorable world to where it will be separated into several unique biomes. Every segment will have its own weather, texture, challenges, and secrets. Even though the archipelago is a tropical place, there will be parts of the game that will introduce areas that will seem very different in comparison. There will be urban environments, industrial wastelands, swamps, villages, and even the open sea. Tchia has magical abilities to where she can “Soul Jump” into sundry animals and even objects. This, in turn, is vital for progressing through the game. Possessing a seagull will enable Tchia to soar over impassable routes. Becoming a sea turtle will enable her to explore the sea at her own leisure. Turning into a dog grants the ability to dig up items and controlling a crab helps with cutting ropes and chains. There will be over 30 types of animals to play with. Thusly, there will be hundreds of different objects that Tchia can “jump into.”

One example showed her turning into a lantern. Then, she launched herself into a group of enemies to set them ablaze. Therefore, the “Soul Jump” feature will be used for both traversing the map and combat. Speaking of which, Tchia can get around pretty well on her own. Pretty much everything on the map is climbable. It’s almost like she has Spider-Man abilities. She can scale cliffs, climb up on trees and also do aerobic tricks in the air. The trees can also be used to launch Tchia across the fields like a catapult. The islands will be teeming with activities, NPCs, quests, and collectibles to find. There will also be dynamic weather effects that will be related to whichever biome players are in. All of the areas throughout the map will be true to the New Caledonian culture. There will be things sprinkled throughout the game that explain their folklores, history, traditions, attire, and entertainment. Much like the Assassin’s Creed games that came before it, this IP will be a slightly educational affair that provides hours of fun within a slightly fantastical setting.

Unnatural Friends

Yes, the map in Tchia was fully built to be completely explorable. There will be a plethora of customizations to find during the playthrough. Players will be able to dress up their avatar and also fix up their boats to their liking. Tchia will have access to a boat during the course of the game that smoothly glides across the waters of the archipelago. The boat will be essential for finding shortcuts around the islands and also finding access to shipwrecks strewn on the ocean bed. There will be little to no restrictions on exploring in this game. To help along her quest, Tchia will also need tools like a flashlight, compass, camera, and even a slingshot. There will be a roster of characters to meet, which are all fully voiced in their respective languages that are also coupled with a fully orchestrated score.

Much like Ocarina of Time, memorizing various tunes on an instrument will be paramount with the game’s story. However, in this case, the instrument will be a ukulele. Remembering songs will continue the story and even affect the map in various ways. Perhaps a certain song will open up a passageway or maybe calm down an animal? The ukulele will be fully playable and gamers can toy around with it whenever they want. Thus, it will act like an actual miniature guitar complete with strums, picks, and bends. It appears to be vaguely similar to the mechanic found in The Last of Us Part II. However, playing the ukulele in this game will be a little more nuanced and deeper as opposed to its cousins found through the video game industry.

Tropical Trek

There is still quite a bit to uncover with Tchia. It’s one of those games that came out of nowhere and fans of Grounded, Breath of the Wild, and even Mario 64 are glowing with joy over this title. The development seems to coming along nicely and it’s scheduled to be released sometime this spring. The developers will be unveiling more information about this game when its release date nears closer. Tchia will be available only for the PlayStation 4 and 5 upon release.

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