Samus Goes Steampunk

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I thought the whole Steampunk fad was sort of dying out, but every so often a piece of cosplay or artwork will come along that makes me think the trend deserves some new life.

This fine piece of work is from Jason Cheng, an artist with an affinity for detail as you can see above. He’s made Samus’s famous suit about 15,000x time more complex, and running on steam rather than uh, what powers her suit normally? Ion fusion or some other sci-fi bs I don’t understand?

Very cool stuff, and Cheng is definitely an artist to watch for me from here on out.

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  1. @What? Idk if I ever figured steampunk was cool as such, I find it more beautiful than anything, and that’s the opinion my friends share, so I always figured it was less badass, more beauty.

  2. Pardon me. You thought Steampunk was …dying out? I find that a peculiar thing to say. Have you not been looking, or perhaps overlooking Steampunk aficionados? I only ask as people are having some really enormous Steampunk parties, balls, Cons, art shows, and other related events with huge numbers in attendance.
    I think it’s just starting to really swell.

    Steampunk has been an underground movement for a very long time and I think in the past couple years people are just starting to find that it isn’t something they’ve been interested in on their own. Many I know are delighted to find a given name to this particular style. I don’t see it going away for a very long time.
    Maybe in some years it may begin to fade but those who really enjoy it will always find ways to be involved in it, not unlike Goths or Punks. I’m not saying they are similar, as Goths and Punk vary immensely in themselves, though they do share certain attributes such as their own unique styles which of course greatly include music, art and fashion. Dying out *chuckles*, good sir, surely you jest.

  3. He means the mainstream appeal of steampunk is dying out, which I agree with completely. Last couple of years I was seeing it everywhere, but not so much these days.
    I think that’s true of all fads these days. (And by fads, I mean an underground thing that gains mainstream popularity). They’re shelf life is much shorter. Except for dubstep. That needs to crawl back from whence it came immediately!

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