Alright, Minecraft Projects Are Getting Out of Control

(click to enlarge)

See, you have to click to enlarge this picture, because otherwise, this just looks like a vaguely pixelated picture of Crater Lake. But once you blow it up? You can see that it’s made up of about a billion Minecraft blocks, showing that the game is inspiring projects that are a million times beyond the scope of anything you would have imagined could come from the game.

Now, I’m told that this isn’t done one block at a time, that it’s some sort of scanning system that converts a landscape to blocks, but I still think it’s impressive even if someone didn’t devote a year of their life to making it. Someone should do a series that’s the “Seven Wonders of the Minecraft World.” Hmm, maybe I’ll do some picture hunting and do it myself.


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  1. This opens up a lot of possibilities. With the right topographic data you could make Minecraft maps of almost any area, then play in them. Sounds awesome to me.

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