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Skate 3

Skate 3 and its Speed Glitch is regarded as one of the best, yet wackiest, stunts possible in the video game that has players of it wanting to know how to make it work. This 2010 skateboarding video game was the third installment of the Skate series that first began in 2007. Developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts, the first of the skateboarding video game series was made available for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console units as well as Sony Playstation’s 3 console units.

Riding on its success, Skate 2 came out in 2009, then followed in 2010 by Skate 3. In the third edition of the series, skateboarding has now evolved from its criminal-like stigma that existed in the second game. As the main character in the game, the player assumes “The Legend” alias as they create the dream skateboarding team.

This tale rides off a failure to “Jump The Shark,” according to the storyline, so Skate 3 tells the tale of a character seeking to redeem himself as championship material in the world of competitive skateboarding. As a player, the key goal is to sell one million boards through the completion of challenges. In Skate 3, there were new features that were included such as new tricks, a sandbox park builder, as well as two additional game modes to best accommodate a player’s wishes. Instead of just normal mode, there is now an easy mode and a hardcore mode.

Popularity of the Series

The popularity of Skate 3 and the entire series rose thanks to established content creators that featured their footage on channels like YouTube and Twitch. The game’s physics and glitches were highlighted, which brought forth a new wave of fans who wanted to engage in these oddities for themselves. One such glitch is the Speed Glitch. Although it has been established the backward glitch is the proper way to achieve the most speed in the game, there are many different methods to speed glitch in Skate 3.

The easiest method is the cannonball speed glitch. This was the first technique made available when the game was first released. There are, however, additional methods that can be used. In this how-to article, we will list off all the methods, including the cannonball speed glitch.

There are a few tells which indicate what the user is doing wrong. Pressing Y too early will result in the skater just hopping on the board. On the contrary, pressing Y too late will cause the character to bail. Players will fail a number of times before they can get the timing down. Doing the glitch is like riding a bike if gamers can get the timing right. Jumping and pressing RB/R1 at the peak of the jump is easy, so the most important step will be summoning the board.

People can use the tips above to understand whether they are pulling the board too early or too late. The difference between a successful Skate 3 speed glitch and failure is less than a fraction of a second. Performing the glitch is all about feel, which will take practice to master. ZexyZek’s YouTube channel offers a visualized tutorial how to capitalize on speed glitches and more.

About the Glitches

First off, it is important to set your character up in the right direction, as well as place a marker before attempting to perform the speed glitch. Markers are highly advised after throwing the board as this will result in the character to be shot out in an awkward direction. Players will need to face the opposite direction of the intended path.

Unconventional footers need to slightly turn the character to the left while conventional footers need to slightly turn to the right. This oddball setup and direction makes sense once the in-game glitch is observed. Just like regular gameplay, learning how to work with in-game glitches usually boils down to practice making perfect. Sites like Game Rant are very good at breaking down in detail how to work with the glitches as easily and effectively as possible.

As popular as these speed glitches have become, there have been many reports that the glitch only works on easy mode. However, this seems to be more of a console issue, as well as the player. If the glitches are too hard to pull off in normal and hardcore modes, then definitely switch to easy mode. Furthermore, when Skate 3 came out it was released while the Xbox 360 consoles and the Playstation 3 consoles were still commonplace in the homes of gamers.

Although the Xbox One series and PS4 series are capable of playing games that were made for the previous generation of gaming consoles, there are frame rate issues to contend with. The upgraded frame rates in Xbox One and PS4 may make it harder to time the pressing of the summon board button to an exact science.

The reason for this is the frame rounding on less than 30 frames-per-second make the sequence more forgiving. On easy mode with the Xbox One and PS4 consoles, mastering the speed glitch is easier as the procedure is more straightforward. Upon learning about the speed glitches, interested players have come to enjoy exploiting the mechanics in the game, allowing them to pull off what would otherwise come across as impossible tasks to complete.

Recommended Speed Glitch Locations

Super-Ultra Mega-Park offers a variety of options for skater players to perform stunts like acid drop at what feels like supersonic speeds, starting from the road above the park to achieve massive airs. Using the bowls in the map for optimal gapping or hip transfers may be too tempting to ignore.

The Mega-Park allows players to capitalize on their creativity, as well as get that speed glitch down to a perfected science. The Canals has a dam that serves as a perfect launch pad for a decent speed glitch. The other parts of the canal also offer a decent variety of challenges while zipping at extraordinary speed levels, tempting gamers to fly over streets and use the canal’s banks as a means to perform a run of creative combinations. Highway Tunnels  offers an opportunity to loop when there is enough speed and precision put in to do so.

Only through the speed glitch can this be pulled off. This map also offers opportunities to loop obstacles they hadn’t been able to do before. Over the Mountains and Above the City is a map that can now see the top of its buildings and mountains reached, thanks to the speed glitch. Through the use of a small kicker, skaters can now reach almost any given location on the map if they want to.

Once reaching otherwise unreachable locations, setting a skateboarding course up to capitalize on the map’s possibilities can lead into some intensely humorous gameplay that could become somewhat addictive. Thanks to the speed glitch, the gaps between the tall buildings through the use of ramps and kickers will no longer be an issue. They now serve as a welcomed challenge.

Cannonball Speed Glitch

For starters, the Cannonball Speed Glitch needs to have the player drop the board and move forward. With the console controller, the A/X button is pressed shortly before holding down the X/Square button. With the second button still pushed down, push the right thumbstick upward to perform the cannonball. It is then a matter of perfect timing to press the Y/Triangle button before landing.

RB/R1 Speed Glitch

The RB/R1 Speed Glitch takes the cannonball move out of the equation but still holds the same technique of pressing the A/X button before holding down the X/Square button. Instead of the use of the thumbstick, hold the RB/R1 button down as you’re pressing the other buttons. The moment the skater is in the air, let the RB/R1 button go and summon the board with the Y/Triangle button. When timed perfectly, this is a great speed glitch.

High Pump Speed Glitch

Best bet, get to know the RB/R1 speed glitch first before attempting the High Pump Speed Glitch. In order to manipulate this particular glitch, study the buttons on your controller to determine which one has the high pump gesture mapped to. This will be the only additional button you need to press when attempting this glitch.

More About Skate 3

Skate 3 takes the sport of skateboarding to new extremes and is in an open world setting. The entire game is played as a third-person perspective, taking place in a fictional city known as Port Carverton. Unlike most locations that see skateboarding as a gateway to criminal activity, the attitude of Port Carverton’s citizens sees the sport as something to be embraced, not shunned. In the world of Skate 3, it has more color and is friendlier than the gritty and grainy Skate 2.

Overall, the gameplay feel is similar to the first two games of this three-game series. In the city of Port Carverton, there are three distinct districts. There is the Downtown area, the University, and an Industrial zone. Downtown and University come across as clean while Industrial is less sightly. Each of these districts has its own set of designs and environmental highlights, starting with Downtown’s styled collection of ledges and rails.

University is loaded with banks and open areas while Industrial has a giant quarry that feature bricks of stone. For skateboarding enthusiasts, each of these districts offer awesome opportunities to hone their skills and show off their stuff. In the game, there are a collection of well-known professionals that have graced the real-life sport of skateboarding.

These names, faces, and voices include Chris Cole, Pat Duffy, Terry Kennedy, Eric Koston, Jason Lee, Darren Navarette, and Danny Way. For gamers, the difficulty modes between Easy, Normal, and Hardcore allows them to choose how they wish to play Skate 3. Each mode is exactly as it sounds. For the best sense of realism, the hardcore mode offers the closest in-game experience to the real thing. For players who just want to play without serious challenges, the easy mode is the way to go. Normal mode is identical to the playability that was featured in Skate and Skate 2.

Adding to the appeal of Skate 3 is the Skate.Park feature, which allows a player to build their own skate park any manner they see fit. There has also since been an introduction of online game modes that include 1-Up, Domination, and Own the Lot. For 1-Up, the players compete against each other to beat the other team’s last score within a set time period.

In Domination, it’s team against team in a race to rack up the most amount of points within a specified time limit. As for Own the Lot, this requires two or more players to complete as many tasks as possible before the time limit expires. Also included in Skate 3 are the returning modes of Hall of Meat and S.K.A.T.E.

With Skate 3, however, what has been omitted are the offline multiplayer game modes on the discs that were issued. In order to obtain multiplayer opportunities, players require to purchase the San Van Party Pack, which is the downloadable content needed to participate in the offline Party Play mode. In 2014, thanks to content creators on social media sites like YouTube, the popularity of Skate 3 spiked to become the highest selling game late in the year. This was due to the mix of humorous glitches, like the speed glitch, that caused EA to issue a reprint of the title. It was one of the most requested games to be added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, which materialized on November 10, 2016.

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