A Collection of “Memorable” Game Introductions


We’ve touched upon the fact that video games have become incredibly commercial before.  It seems as though the gap between movie trailers and game trailers has lessened considerably over the years.

But I neglected to mention game intros as well.  Just as a television show may have a catch introduction and song, so do video game now.  I mean games have always had introductions but certainly not like the games of today.

Here are eleven that are  particularly “memorable.”

Cannon Fodder Amiga

Cannon Fodder is a strategy war game that takes a very strong satirical approach on War.  And dare I say this intro is “serious.”

The Donkey Kong 64 Rap

Yes, the infamous rap so terrible that you would desperately hit start as soon as you could hear the damned thing.

Chrono Cross

It’s really the music that makes this one stand out.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

This thing couldn’t set a mood better for a game if it tried.

Final Fantasy VIII

This deserves the “WTF” award for surprise.


This one would work well in Hollywood.

Metal Gear II:  Solid Snake

Bad Ass.


Did I just say badass? I meant that for this one.

Dune A500

Very well done.

Sonic CD

Yay Sonic!  It doesn’t get more fun than this guy.

Super Smash Brothers Melee

A lot more action than you’d think.

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