25 Years of Zelda in One Image

What you see above is just a tiny piece of an epic mural commemorating the history of The Legend of Zelda, which turned 25 this week.

Over the years, Link and Zelda have been our best equivalent of a modern day fairytale, and the series has produced some of the best games ever made in the industry. It did so when it was first releaseD on the NES, and even still today on the Wii, though I’m worried the motion-control heavy Skyward Sword might kill it.

Check out the rest of the incredibly detailed picture below. It’s so well done it looks like it should be painted on a church ceiling. The Church of Zelda. I’d wake up early on a Sunday for that.

[alleged artist]

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  1. Wow! This is beautiful! Thi-… WHY is this not on the news?! Holy Farore, this is epic! But I do have one question. At the very bottom of the picture, there is a woman and a baby… Who are they?

    P.S. OMG! Wolf Link, Makar, adult Kafei and Anju, random tiny Tingle… What does this picture NOT have?!

  2. Also doesn’t have the Postman, the talking map fish thing from WW, or a few others that come to mind as should’ve been included (Yeti from TP, your Uncle from the opening scenes of LttP, Sarasahalla (gimme a break on spelling it’s late for me) from LttP, and at least one rendition of a moblin), nor do I see a representative for the Minish in here. Also, albeit they were only in 2 games, maybe the kangaroo, flying bear, and dodongo from Ages and Seasons.

    And I want to confer with you all here, the giant eyeball. Lotta people I’ve seen else where are screaming Gohma. Gohma’s always been spider like. That thing is one thing and one thing only: The Nightmare from Link’s Awakening.

  3. @Angie – The woman and baby at the bottom is baby Link and his mother from Ocarina of Time when she takes him to the forest. Not shown in the original game so definitely an awesome addition made by the artist.

    @Sidiyan – Sahasrahla is shown. He is second from the right directly above the large eyeball… who happens to actually be owned by Bellum from Phantom Hourglass

  4. OKay, as a massive Zelda fan, I’m still stumped and embarrased that I can’t figure out who the three figures up top are supposed to be. The only “Three” in Zelda that I can think of are Link, Zelda and Ganondorf -or- the Golden Godesses. Insights?

  5. @Mike
    the three figures up top are the three oracles of the three goddesses
    Farore (left) http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Farore_(oracle)
    Nayru (middle) http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Nayru_(oracle)
    and Din (right) http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Din_(oracle)
    though i cannot figure out who the dark man on the opposite of dark link is, bottom on the left.
    other comments
    A LOT of majoras mask reference here
    also for those claiming there is no minish there is the MINISH CAP (all the way right of midna) aswell as Vaati (above Koume)
    Not much gerudo refrence
    i thought the 7 figures at the top were meant to be the 7 sages, but as we know zelda is a sage, and the artist most likely did not want to repeat characters (with the exception of link and baby link, Ganon and Ganondorf, Oshus and the wind fish, and these are special cases) but then why replace her with the owl

  6. Okay, first off, is there Ghirahim in here? From Skyward Sword? I nerdgasmed at this picture for ages and I have yet to find him.
    Um, anyone know if he’s there?

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