Great Sports Moments Recreated in Video Games


Even for the most casual of sports fans, there are certain moments in sports that remain etched in memory forever.  It may be an iconic play in a championship or playoff game, or it could simply be a boneheaded blunder that had to be seen to be believed.  And that’s just one of the great things about sports – the most interesting moments are often more incredible than anything somebody could make up.

So instead of making up new sports moments in video games, why not just recreate the classics?  That’s what some creative people did using classic sports video games, and the results are quite impressive.  I especially like when the creator took the time to interlace the audio of the actual broadcast.  You can see for yourself after the jump.

Game 6 of the 1986 World Series on RBI Baseball

Perhaps the most impressive one of all, if simply because baseball is the most “detailed” of the major sports.  Anyway, if you think all the blame falls on Buckner, this video should provide a helpful reminder that the bullpen was at least equally at fault.

Tracy Porter intercepts Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 44 on Tecmo Bowl

One of the biggest moments in NFL history happened this past Sunday as the Saints won their first Super Bowl, thanks to Tracy Porter’s interception of a Peyton Manning pass.  I thought for sure Manning was going to tie the game up, but hey, that’s why they go ahead and play the games.

Michael Jordan’s final shot as a Bull on NBA2K9

I was glad to see the attention to detail here, especially the non-called offensive foul.  It’s a shame that this wasn’t the final shot of Jordan’s career, because as dominant as he was, the non-call couldn’t be more appropriate.  This shot really is a micro-chasm of Jordan’s time in the NBA.

Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game on MLB 09 The Show

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle – by all accounts a terrific teammate – tossed a perfect game against the Rays on July 23, 2009.  He’s that historic moment captured in a video game.

Dwyane Wade buzzer-beater sinks the Knicks in NBA 2K7

Admittedly, this isn’t nearly as iconic as some of the other moments here, but there’s still something about hitting a game-winner at Madison Square Garden.  Plus I’m a huge Heat fan, so that sort of helps.

Desean Jackson’s Monday Night Football blunder on Madden 09

And here’s the opposite of an iconic moment.  I remember watching this play on Monday Night Football and could not believe how dumb Jackson was.  Hell of a receiver, though.

Michael Jordan’s shrug in the 1992 NBA Finals on NBA 2K10

This was made by the same guy who created Jordan’s final shot as a Bull above.  The audio really helps.

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