Know Your Way Around Tamriel

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You may think yourself an Elder Scrolls fan, but do you really know what the NPCs are talking about when they describe the far-off lands and cities they’ve come from?

If not, from The Imperial Library comes this massive map of all of Tamriel, so you can get your places and locations straight. As I’ve only played the last two games of the series, I’ve missed out on Morrowind and Hammerfell.

Will the next game be set in one of these areas we haven’t visited yet? Argonia? High Rock? Valenwood? Or will they invent a new continent to travel to altogether?

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  1. Daggerfall is in high rock, which was the second game in the series, and also let you into Hammerfell, This game was so massive it bordered on ludicrous.
    Arena was the first game, and let you visit any province.

    I don’t see them inventing new places, just revisiting the places we’ve seen or places that already exist that have yet to be explored.

  2. Hammerfell does seem like the most interesting locale for the next installment, whether it be large dlc or sequel if it takes place in the same time period. Based on the ‘story so far’ of the war the Redguards basically refused to honour the white gold-concordat and seceded from the empire then proceeded to kick the ass of the thalmor invasion force. fuck yeah

  3. I have installed and started playing Daggerfall 5 times. I LOVE the beginning dungeon and travel to Daggerfall.

    When I get there, I just get bogged down in how FUCKING big it is and quit…EVERY. TIME.

  4. Man, I think it would be awesome to play a game where you could go to all of Tamriel, but on the same scale as the other games. As huge as the realms in the Elder Scrolls games are I always think back to old school RPGs where you could travel the whole world. I think some people would never come back though.

  5. Skryim was always on the mainland, it was Solisthem that was an island that Nords were going to during the time of Morrowind game because they wanted to. (This you can go to in the DLC Bloodmoon for Morrowind).

    On another note I think it’s too early to talk about the next game I’m pretty sure there is going to be a huge DLC. Such as taking the fight to the Thalamor and who becomes High King.

  6. i think it is going to be at least a decade befor we see the next elder scrolls game i am guesssing it will involve valenwood because there is alot of talk about how it is their when you play skyrim and hopfully contain elsweyr and black marsh that would be great and large so mabey randomly generated areas like in arena and daggerfall. and i hope if that is the case then a dlc expansion called “elderscrolls fire within” where you play deep down in the centre of the world.

  7. For your information, hammerfell and high rock were already included in elder scrolls games. Daggerfall was in high rock and The elder scrolls adventures: Redguard was in Hammerfell

  8. I’m pretty sure that tamriel is suppose to be a bigger than 1000 miles. I heard it’s size (not in game) is suppose to be around the size of Africa, not Alaska.

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