10 Videos of Pain-in-the-Ass Griefing


I was wondering how best to explain exactly what a greifer is, as they’re currently the bane of the video game world. You know when your big brother grabbed your arm when you were little and made you punch yourself in the face, repeatedly saying “stop hitting yourself! stop hitting yourself!”? Well, this is like that, but in a video game, and even more annoying because you can’t sock them in the face if you manage to get your arm free.

They’re absolutely the single most frustrating people you could ever find in a game. Fortunately, they can be pretty damn funny to watch on video, as demonstrated by this collection below. Check it out.

Team Fortress 2

Left 4 Dead

Age of Conan


Modern Warfare 2

Halo 3



World of Warcraft


Second Life


Bad Company 2

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