An Absolutely Bonkers Full Body Diablo Costume


I know what it’s like to be obsessed with Diablo, the game consumed my life for longer than I care to admit. But then there’s the level of “I want to be Diablo himself in real life,” which is when things start to get scary. I mean awesome.

What you see above is a video of a full body Diablo costume that lights up with the fires of hell and everything. I have no idea how long this took to make, but I’m going to guess about twenty years and three marriages.

The video might not give you a clear picture of how truly detailed this costume really is, so you can head over to Joshua Smith’s cosplay page for a more detailed look at the individual pieces. Truly incredible work here.

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  1. Holy crap this is awesome. I prefer the dinosaur look from D2, but that’s probably impossible to make into a costume. In the link you gave, it says he did the upper half in a little over a week, wich is pretty impressive for something that looks so complicated.

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