The Unreal Life: “The Lonely Infestor”

Yes, I’m bringing back my webcomic today, because I thought of a strip I wanted to do, and I spent the better part of yesterday bringing it to life. It focuses on my favorite game of the moment, Starcraft 2, and if you’re a fan hopefully you’ll appreciate it.

Usually my comics are one panel, but this one is about nine, and hopefully you guys will like it despite my clear lack of artistic abilities. For the uninitiated to the world of Starcraft, I’ve posted a bit of an explanation below, along with the strip itself. Enjoy!

Alright, so the Infestor is a support unit for the Zerg in Starcraft 2, and has three spells, Neural Parasite (mind control), Fungal Growth (paralyzes and kills) and Spawn Infested Terran (creates a fighting unit with a very short lifespan), all of which you’ll see demonstrated below as the Infestor battles loneliness.

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