13,000 NES Sprites in One Wallpaper

(click for crazy enormous size)

Wow, this marks the first time in site history that an image file was so big, I couldn’t even upload it to the site, even after compressing “for the web.” In any case, if you click on the garbled mess above, you’ll see that it’s one of the most impressive collages ever assembled.

It’s 13,000 sprites from NES games all in one place, making the image a “Where’s Waldo” slash migraine giver as you try to hunt down ones you recognize. I wasn’t even aware there were 13,000 total characters across NES games.

Who’s the most obscure person you can recognize and spot? Feel free to try and describe where they are. I think a bigger challenge would be for two people to find the same sprite.

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  1. I know someone pointed this out already, but I’m really disappointed that someone calls all of these SNES sprites NES sprites. Vast difference in details and number of available colors.

  2. This impressive, but there are tons from the same game and slightly different versions of the same sprite, like some Chrono Trigger enemies, objects and the protagonists

  3. If you look in the right spots you can see that the image has a background to it, it’s the magiteck factory from ff3 or ff6 (depending on when you played it).

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