A History of Live Action DC Costumes


Hitokirivader had a rather cool idea to show the evolution of the live action costumes of the most iconic DC comics characters over the years. Both Batman and Superman have appeared onscreen for over half a century now, and as a result, have undergone a whole lot of transformations.

And then…he only thought it was fair to do the same for Wonder Woman as well. There we have Lynda Carter’s iconic one-piece annnnnd that’s it. Outside of some fantastic cosplay by amateurs, Wonder Woman has yet to grace the screen in any meaningful capacity. That will change with Batman vs. Superman, but even then I doubt Diana Prince will have a full costume yet when that film rolls around. It’ll take another few years for her spin-off to finally get off the ground, and I’d say best case scenario, we see a Wonder Woman film by 2018.

I suppose he could have included this WW costume from the never-aired-for-good-reason NBC pilot, but I don’t think that actually counts.

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