10 Little Kids From Movies That Rule: Part One

Child Actors

For the most part, children aren’t utilized in movies to a large extent.  One of the main reasons is that most children aren’t that good at acting.  It’s obviously a stressful and grueling job which requires a ton of concentration and “adult-like” ability.  And it’s not like the kids have to be great actors, but just being onscreen and having to deal with it is hard enough.  So when you see a solid child character in a movie it’s always a joy.

And once in a while you’ll see a kid that really steals the show.  The kid might simply look funny or have a great yelling sound.  For whatever reason, you just know the kid is awesome.

Here are 10 little kids from movies that rule: Part One

The Kid – Bad Santa

Child Actors

I already mentioned this kid in my fat guys article the other day.   Well it’s worth mentioning him again.  I can’t express how much I love this little bastard.  He’s simply the best.  He doesn’t talk much but just watching him take all of Billy Bob’s crap is amazing.   It doesn’t get much better than “The Kid.”

Atreyu – Neverending Story

Child Actors

I don’t think it’s possible to find a more badass kid than Atreyu.  This kid slays purple buffalo, kills a gigantic wolf,  helps stop the nothing, and nearly gets it on with the childlike empress.  Not to mention he’s like 10 and rides around on a horse and a flying luck dragon.  If there’s ever a kid to rule, it’s Atreyu.

Little Doughboy – Boyz in the Hood

Child Actors

“Give me my brotha’s ball back!”  Enough said.

Augustus Gloop – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Child Actors

No, not the new movie.  That might have been the worst piece of crap to come out in the last 10 years.  I’m talking about the 1971 classic with Gene Wilder.   His eating abilities and speech in that that movie are unmatched.  “Let me in I’m schtarving!”

Tanner Boyle – Bad News Bears

Child Actors

A foul mouthed little runt who isn’t afraid of anyone.  Everyone needs a little sparkplug shortstop like Tanner Boyle.  He sticks up for the Looper and he takes on the Toros Catcher in Breaking Training.  “Ya better shutup ya redneck.”

Squints – The Sandlot

Child Actors

This kid perpetrated one of the best kiss setups of all time.  Diving into the deep end and pretending to drown just so the big boobed lifeguard would give him mouth to mouth.  Then he winds up marrying her and having nine children.  Kids don’t get more dedicated than that.  “Oiling, washing, oiling!”

Chris Chambers – Stand by Me

Child Actors

I think this is one of if not the best River Phoenix role.   You pretty much think this kid is an adult the entire movie.  But let’s not forget they’re only 12-13-years old.  In reality they’re just kids.  “Give me some skin.”

2 Dollars Paper Boy- Better off Dead

Child Actors

“I want my two dollars.”

Ralphie – A Christmas Story

Child Actors

I think any time Ralphie looked at the camera or smiled I nearly crapped myself from laughter.  Peter Billingsley will always go down as one of, if not best Christmas movie characters of all time.  “Be sure to drink your ovaltine?  Son of a bitch.”  “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuudge.”

Data – The Goonies

Child Actors

“Boobie traps!  That’s what I said.  Boobie traps.”  This kids is the inventor of all inventors.”

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  1. An obvious one is Haley Joel Osment in “The Sixth Sense,” but I really think he is the finest child actor of the last ten years. Like, maybe if he had played Anakin in “Phantom Menace” it wouldn’t have been quite so godawful.

  2. No man…Phantom Menace was a trainwreck, and (insert great actor here) as anakin couldn’t have saved that movie.

    Also…Hailey Joel Osment didn’t exactly rock…he was just a scared kid who saw dead people…

    Ralphie on the other hand defined a generation of kids christmases..and still does! 🙂


  3. that girl from pan’s labyrinth had skills, also, an obvious props goes to mcaulay culkin, that kid single handedly made creepy men breaking into your house something you would look forward to.

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