A Quick Guide of Which 2010 DVD to Buy for Which Family Member for Christmas

Alright so a lot of you are freaking out that you still don’t have presents for various people two days away from the big event, but never fear, I’m hear to help. I’ve compiled this quick list of movies I think will generally match up with all your different family members, and though it’s a lot of generalizing, could actually be of some use to you.

Check out the list below, and I’m sure you’ll let me know if you disagree with any of my pics. As for what to get me for Christmas? A new car, as Michigan winters have claimed two of mine in the last month. No dice? Fine, I’ll take Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.


The Town – A smart, exciting bank robber thriller with no overly awkward sex scenes you’ll have to watch with him.


Knight and Day – A harmless action flick with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz that she’ll probably find worthwhile even if you don’t.


RED – A movie about retired CIA operatives who can still kick ass. They’ll love it.

Your older brother/cousin/nephew

Inception – It’s the movie all the cool kids are getting these days.

Your younger brother/cousin/nephew

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Word – For the kid obsessed with video game culture (as are most of them at that age), a really revolutionary flick, even if it is a tad overrated.

Your older sister/cousin/niece

Easy A –  the smartest, cutest high school flick since Mean Girls, which will remind them how nice it is to not be in high school anymore.

Your younger sister/cousin/niece

Eclipse – Though if she’s a devoted fan, she’ll probably already have it.  Plus it might not be wise to encourage the warping of her mind to such a degree. Go with How to Train Your Dragon instead.

Your really young brother/sister/cousin/nephew/niece

Toy Story 3 – No gender distinction here, and really, you could buy this for anyone. The best all ages movie of the year, and almost the best movie period.

Your crazy uncle

The Expendables – Incredibly solid action flick, but it might give him ideas…

Your less-crazy aunt

The Kids are All Right – A great drama about lesbian, adoption and all sorts of fun stuff.


The Social Network – If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. Plus it’ll come in handy to own the Best Picture winner come Oscar season.

People say I look like Andrew Garfield.

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  1. Most of these are movies that I would buy for myself, some of which (Inception/Scott Pilgrim) I already have. The only other movie that I’ve seen on this list is The Social Network, which I will also be getting… Great movie! Aside from Eclipse, Knight and Day is probably the only other film that I have absolutely no interest in seeing, and because of that I just wouldn’t feel right giving it as a gift to someone.

    Unfortunately, I was sort of talked into watching Twilight sometime last year, but you can bet I won’t make the same mistake with the sequels! Eclipse is the only movie on your list that I would buy, destroy, wrap and give to someone who should have better taste in movies/books!

    As for Scott Pilgrim, just bought it on Amazon a couple of weeks ago… The movie is pretty good, kind of quirky, and never falls so far as to lose one’s attention. Ignore the direct comparison, but it has that same feel as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas… What I mean by that is, you have to pay attention at all times because the comedy is, at times, subtle. I certainly know people who would quickly become bored (surprising, but true) with this film. The special features alone are worth the purchase, they will keep you busy long after the movie ends.

    One more thing…
    To say that Scott Pilgrim was a tad overrated might be a little much, although, that is your opinion. I’m just saying, I heard nothing but good things about this movie, but it never felt like they went overboard with praise. It’s not like it’s been getting any Oscar buzz! Know what I mean?

  2. Yeah, I definitely don’t think Pilgrim was overrated – and I don’t know why everyone talks about it like it’s some kind of video game-obsessed reference-fest. I can clearly see the influences, yeah, but there aren’t many direct references. I’m not a retro gamer in the slightest, but I still found it the most entertaining film of the year.

  3. One time this summer my mom was taking my dad too a movie and she gave him the choice between inception and eclipse; they hadn’t seen either. He chose eclipse. . . True story.

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