Memorable Moments in Movies: Kneel Before Zod from Superman II


Of all the Superman movies that were ever made, Superman II remains and will always remain my favorite one.   It contained by far the best enemies.  Not only did you have the amazing Gene Hackman play Lex Luther but Terence Stamp did a hell of a job playing General Zod.

Plus the song “Pick up the Pieces” by Average White Band was playing in the arm wrestling scene and the scene where Clark spins that dude around in the diner towards the end.  Plus the humor in this one was bar none the best of all the movies.  Speaking of which, I love this scene.

“No, Zod.”

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  1. Classic. I really love The Richard Donner cut of this film also, even though it makes Superman look like a total dick by going back in time to beat up the bully in the bar BEFORE HE EVEN MET HIM. Petty as shit and cruel since the jerk didn’t even know what he was being punished for.

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