Weekly Movie Rec: Timecrimes

Searching for a movie to recommend this week, I stumbled across Timecrimes, a strange little film I watched some time ago on someone’s recommendation, but I can’t quite remember who.

It was certainly a memorable experience, as it’s most definitely a head trip. Unlike other similarly themed time travel movies though (namely Primer) it won’t actually melt your brain down, just twist it a little.

It’s hard to talk about without giving too much away, but the Spanish film (yes, you have to read subtitles) isn’t exactly a horror film the way you might envision from the above screenshot. Rather, it’s about a man who gets in a time machine by accident (hey, it could happen) and goes back for a mere hour. Unfortunately, as tends to happen with time travel, the consequences of this are far more massive than anticipated.

This may be hard to track down, but if you’re into complex layered plots with a touch of horror and sci-fi, I think you’d probably enjoy Timecrimes.

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  1. I recommended it to you long time ago, but it’s more likely that somebody else told you. It had really small budget and director is one of the actors.

    Anyway, i completly agree with Gill. Watch Triangle too! It’s really awesome movie. But don’t watch trailers for it – (they spoil way much).

    Hell – they show every twist in trailer for Timecrimes

  2. I remember watching this on Netflix streaming and loving it! Between this film, and City of God its refreshing to see some love for these lesser known foreign films. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, “Let the Right One In” and “Let me In” are both on Netflix streaming and both are fantastic 🙂

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