7 Great Arm Wrestling Moments in Movies

Over the Top

Maybe it’s because I watched The Fly the other day but I guess it’s just a topic one doesn’t think of often.   It doesn’t happen a lot in movies but when it does, it’s usually pretty cool.  I’m referring to the arm wrestling.

You’d be surprised at some of the cool stuff an arm wrestling seen can elicit.  Sometimes it’s unintentional comedy, whereas others it’s complete and total surprise.

Here are 7 great arm wrestling moments in movies

Over The Top

I own you! I owwwnnnnnn youuuuu!



Could there ever be a more blatant male scene than this?  The glint of sweat on their arms?  The manly discussion as the arm wrestling is taking place.  This is hilarious when you really think about it.

Revenge of the Nerds

Go to second 52 and you’ll see it.  Took me forever to find this thing.  Booger.  What an all time classic character this guy is.

Vision Quest

I couldn’t find the arm wrestling scene but these two arm wrestle twice in the movie.  They have their little philosophical questions.  This just happens to be one of my favorite scenes in any movie ever.

The Fly


Minute 2:40 is where it starts.  I have to say when I first saw this scene it freaked me the hell out.



You don’t see the arm wrestling in this video but at minute 2:34 it’s when Lithgow kidnaps Washington and drugs him at that pool.  Beforehand though, they begin to arm wrestle at which point Lithgow injects him with heroin.

Superman II


Never mess with a Kryptonian.  Best part of this clip?  Listen to the song in the background.  It’s Picking up the Pieces by Average White Band

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  1. The best ever is in the movie Moving Violations. Where Murray keeps taunting this cop teaching driving school. After school, the cop picks a fight; and Murray just keeps egging him on. Then Murray decides to duke it out with arm wrestling!! Classic!

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