The Weird and Wild Concept Art of Metal Gear Revengeance

Oh how I’ve missed you Metal Gear. I didn’t expect the game to return with a title so preposterous as “Revengeance,” but now new concept art is out that’s reminding me just why I love the series so much.

Because it’s completely insane.

Seriously, no one knows how to do techno-weirdness quite like Metal Gear, and this new title looks to turn the crazy dial to eleven. Spider-robot-women are just the beginning, check out the rest of the gallery below to see what else there is in store.

Middle click on each picture to open in a new tab

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  1. From what Ive seen so far, I cant say as Im anticipating this game like I did the other MGS titles. The stealth aspects were the main attraction for me. But it seems like this title will be dropping this aspect.

    As for the artwork, generally cool, although a couple of them did seem a bit ‘samurai showdown’ with a tech twist.

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